Saturday, November 28, 2009

Falling Into Place

Some of the best dinners I ever had were deals I threw together out of totally unrelated matter.
Tonight I grabbed some fish fillets, halved a half-dozen mini Yukon gold potatoes (I will pay for that, soon!) placed all on a bacon-greased miniature cooking pan that came with my toaster oven and let her run at 350 for 45 minutes. It came out perfect! I seasoned with garlic powder and Lowrey's original Seasoned Salt and it was to die for. Wash it down with your fave bev...My choice was grapefruit juice (to cut the grease). Just crowned the whole thing with a slice of mince pie topped with Cool-Whip and a cup of joe.
So far, no adverse reaction from the potatoes, but the air fresheners and room deodorizers are on full alert!



sounds good to me...wish i could eat potatoes ..well i can but who wants to eat 1/2 of a small potato?..sigh*

Ted Amadeus said...

It was a mistake on my part:
Let's just say that a couple hours later, there was a lot of "thunder" around here, but no lightning or rain!