Monday, November 23, 2009

Foolish Games*

The nominally-Conservate leadership and self-appointed voices of opposition are collecting the bids in the DEATHcare reform and selling out your future, or else just plain ineffectual and still out of touch.
The last three weeks have been intersperced with the kool-aid drinking ramblings of a GOPher who blasts American voters for rejecting big-government "conservative" fascism under McCompromise at the polls, here at CFN headquarters. Galt-in-Da-Box is convinced, especially after last weekend's and today's right-wing talk samplings, that the allegedly "conservative" leadership doesn't care: Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram are all wrapped up in what's known as "culture war" (still sniveling about bullshit non-issues like Janet Jackson's prime time wardrobe malfunction) and saying nary a coherently opposing word to the HELL-thcare bill that will foundationally change America forever, blissfully ignorant that it doesn't matter where the flowers are on the altar if the temple is burning to the ground! Rush Limbaugh reverted to his classic form of making a few good points about the latest global warming myth implosion and healthcare, then worked back into his hate-liberals canned rhetoric...A hollow echo of sound reasoning long-passed, interspersed with his usual self-congratulations and aggrandizement. The former two are the equivalent of a little girl sitting on a railroad track filing her nails as a freight train bares down upon her. The last was just typical smokescreen obfuscation.
My perception of all this is these people are so used to compromising their alleged principles and cutting deals behind the scene they don't give a shit about you, or what happens to the country your children are going to have the sad misfortune to have to try and subsist in. Once you're in the big leagues of multi-millionaire - or billionaire in Limbilge's case - you take on the mentality of DeBruce's father in Braveheart: "It's time to survive": Uncompromising men are easy to admire, but the ability to compromise (sell everyone else out) is the only genuine value. In true Khazari-Papist"Judaeo-Christian" lack-of "ethics", the enslavement of we the sheeple goes on unabated, and not a shot is fired. Perhaps their common reasoning is The Constitution of the United States is just too hard for the common man to understand, and it's therefore a good thing that Obait-and-switch and his all felon/traitor cabinet, along with the lead Papists in Congress, are about to boil it down to a legal bitch-slap: "Shat ze fack ap und do das vill auf Der Holy Mother Schtaat!!!"
Not an unrelated aspect is, since the majority of the Kakostocracy's right-wing Papists are in favor of WASP CULTure authoritarianism and gestapo tactics like torture, why not join in the looting and cut themselves in for a fat slice of the plunder (After all, it's not them being stolen from)? And they will deserve the inevitable necklacing - or similar, gruesome, Che Guevara style death - those they are bedding down with have planned for them!

By the way, has anyone noticed that, the more indebted we become to communist China, the more our government resembles theirs?
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i wish they did have a death makes no sense to spend money to give a terminal patient dying of cancer a pace maker, or a woman in her 80's a pap smear when she's on life support..this happens..this is stupid costly and unnecessary..

Ted Amadeus said...

They will have death panels, they'll just call them "resource allocation committees" or something, and have Ad Council bits on TV and radio explaining how great it is to have a bunch of union-labor bureaucrats euthanizing the undesirable "for your own good".

texlahoma said...

My doc wants me to take anti-high cholesterol drugs but I looked into some studies, cholesterol may help protect your body from cancer and anti-cholesteral drugs can be very bad for your health. Now, I have the choice whether to take it or not. Under Obama-care they will be able to force you through (blood tests, fines and possibly prison) to take whatever drugs the Dr. "ORDERS".

It seems to me people choose a side on an issue after thinking about it for a few seconds and that's it. No matter how much info that they get on how horrible a bill will be if passed. It's like "Sorry I can't change my mind, I've already chosen a side."
"Ho-ray for my side!"

Ted Amadeus said...

10-4 texlahoma.
People have been dumbed down by the indoctrination establishment to almost believe whatever bullshit they're spoon-fed without thought or investigation...It's easier that way: The path of least resistance. The global warming scam could never have flown so well without this common attitude, and I think it was a trial balloon for the health care non-crisis.
It also explains why seemingly intelligent and reasonable people of somewhat modest means continue to elect lucky-sperm-club members who couldn't give a shit less about them once they've bamboozled their way into power.
That's the state of our union: America is in big ass-fuckin' trouble!