Friday, November 20, 2009

FREE If You Act NOW!!!

Maybe that's why they ain't buyin' it, Nanci.
You just need to step your game up to a more substantive bribe based on instant gratification. Worked for Dubya and his good buddy accomplice in the White House now...Stimulus Package, anyone? False promises of something in the future are not nearly as convincing or palpable as a few measily bucks or trinkets at point-of-sale. Helps if it's shiny, too.
Oh BTW, Steve Browne's done an excellent work showing what to expect when your doctor's a FULSOB government bureaucrat.


Master Doh-San said...

Oh, did you *really* have to post that picture????

There go lunch plans....

Ted Amadeus said...

That's the authoritarian Papist Senator from Californication in full-carnival-barker mode...emphasis on "barker"!
This country needs her draconian SocMed bill like she needs a Halloween mask.