Saturday, November 7, 2009

Great Depression 2.0

Final vote on SocMed could come today.
Dear working Americans: This is your last chance to stop the authoritarian socialists and leftists who want to take everything away from you "for your own good" and give it to the lazy, dishonest and irresponsible. And make no mistake about it, this is NOTHING MORE than an elaborately disguised power-grab! The Papist elitist who drafted the Senate bill intended it as such. "Public health" will become the new global warming; the freaking excuse Der Holy Mother Schtaat has been looking for to interfere with, tax and regulate every facet of your life, from "fat" taxes on food to dictating what you do. Mikhail Gorbachev told everyone 20 years ago that's all socialism is, and he would have known. HITLERyObamaCare will give you false promises and take from you everything to pay for them for the politically favored - especially if you work! Putting incompetent Papist and Khazakh quacks on sinecure will reduce quality and increase expense, as it has in every other area where government and unions are in bed. You already have no rights, except that to pay for the moochers and looters. Whatever you think is the matter with health insurance and care now, you "ain't seen nuthin' yet". The emaciated and hyper-altruistic-ballasted economy will not support this new dead-weight.
How many more bailouts and handouts for leeching bloodsuckers can you afford!?

Just in case you need absolute and clinching proof this is a stupid and dangerous idea, meet one of its primary advocates!
But these motherfuckers never lie - they're "the most honest person you will ever meet" - when they're not emptying your wallet, selling out your future, opening the nation's borders to thieves and terrorists, caught ass-raping your kids...
Raise hell and put a chunk under it now, folks!

Score, Looters & Moochers 13, Productive Americans Zip.
Now that Senate pull-peddler Nanci Pelosi has had her way with the House, this bill that basically inflicts ANOTHER progressive income tax on the working, goes back to the Senate for final revisions. Pray tell me why wouldn't they pass it? Like the Reps, they are exempt from its consequences. It mandates that working Americans buy coverage whether they want it or not. A host of new edicts falls on insurers, that basically mean the little companies will go belly-up, leaving more giant corporations on welfare, or a licensed monopoly (and we know from utilities and cable TV, that's always good for prices - if you're the one charging them. I don't know about you, but I just love giving my money to some three-piece-suit behind a desk that doesn't do anything but sit there and take it. What would you bet that if you dig deep enough, there's an insurance lobby padding Pelosi's pocket? It's far from a given though, because Papist emos like her feeeeeel they're doing good and brown-nosing their way into heaven by taking your money at gunpoint and spending it on their illegal hermanos. Contrary to all the bullshit altruistic claims of the socialists and Papists, profit motive still prevails, just with corrupt politicians and those who want something for nothing: When it becomes more advantageous to mooch or loot than work, most people will. The lobby to defend this first great leap backward to SocMed is already in place, so once it passes the Senate, you won't be able to unring this bell: There's nothing more permanent than a "temporary" government measure!
Career politricksters like Nanci aren't the only ones who follow the money trail, but just about everyone else on it is behind them!

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