Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Greatest Bullshit Story Ever Told

Secrets never stay secret for long.
Especially if the bearer of the secret is a high-profile public figure notorious for giving presentations on a topic of which he clearly knows nothing! This little bubble-bursting tidbit comes not from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, but the leftist sacred oracle of the New York Times (I wonder how long they were sitting on all this before now). Too little, too late Mr. Broder. True-believer Maryolaters and other earth-bitch-worshipping Kool-Aid drinkers in the Fried Earth Cult have made up their minds and aren't likely to be swayed by petty idiosyncrasies like facts and the money trail. Blind faith is made to be shattered. Genuine believing only works when reason is engaged.
Any sane person would be outraged at having been fed a line of bovine excretions like this huckster has been moving and demand justice. Factoring in how pubic screw-ools have been dumbing us down for generations, I don't look for much of such consternation. More often these days though, money is a secondary motivation, because politics attracts those least worthy of handling power over others. The real drive behind the love of money here, is as a means of empowerment, especially since the country was still too smart to elect him President.
Look for more embarrassing realities to emerge about Forrest's brother Al Gump, as the global warming lever to absolute socialist power-grabbing is dropped in favor of the equally-manufactured "health care crisis".

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