Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Clay

Big 3-1, bro.
On My Way Here is your best yet, and I hope you're working on another.
Never got to see you on stage, but took plenty of YouTube sneak peeks.
You and Parker have a great day, hopefully together.
Your tunes are another reason I'm thankful this weekend.
Keep up the good work with that Foundation, and maybe we'll see you round Firecreek sometime...I hope!



i never got the clay thing..but then i rarely watch that show any more..

Ted Amadeus said...

I stumbled across Clay Aiken totally by accident and dumb luck...It had nothing to do with "American Karaoke", as I hate FAKEali-TV.
I bought a Christmas album he made at Goodwill for a buckbecause it had O Holy Night on it, and was hooked.
And I don't give half a piece of a busted damn what he does in the bedroom, he's got a set of pipes like Westminster Abbey, and that's all I look for in a singer.