Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom

Ruby Jeanette Burns-Oliver was born on this date in 1934.
She was a stellar student in High School and college, had a small but devoted circle of friends and admirers, and loved God more than religion.
She was invited inside the world of social work when it was in its infancy by an adoptive mother who gave her plenty of culture and breeding, but no love, and having witnessed firsthand its corruption, decided early on she would have none of it. If she didn't invent the phrase "God save us from the do-gooders", it's a wonder.
Much to her credit, she decided early on in life she would leave the judging of her fellow man to The Almighty, since "He and He alone knows the hearts of all". The thing I admired most about her was she knew how to encourage, without trying to "fix" everything for you. She gave without reservation and selflessly, when she had abundance to give, which was rare. Often she gave her own need away.
Such were the last ten years of her days, without which I would never have learned there are a lot more important things in this life than money.
The last words she ever said were "I love you."
She said them to me.
She would have been 75 today, but I was blessed to have lived in company with her for a quarter-century of her 56.
You rest on, I'll see you when He returns.

The longer I live, the more thankful I am for having known you:)



what a beautiful tribute for a wonderful person..

Ted Amadeus said...

"Dunno what you've got until it's gone, and I found out a little too late."