Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How's The Weather?

This appears to still be a topic of great importance to the scare- and fear-mongering elements in our society.
Fear-creation is a thriving, multi-billion-dollar industry in America, especially if one is a powerful, influential media personality (PIMP, for short), or ex-vice-president who couldn't even carry his own home state in a failed bid for President. The more fanatical of the sales teams talk constantly of "GLOBAL WARMING!!!" to this day. The nuanced, refined, Starbucks and NPR set call it climate change. Anyone born before 1980 who paid more than half-attention in science class calls it evolution, because one of the foundational precepts of evolutionary biology is that the Earth is always in a state of becoming, rather than being.
I've noticed this fad seems to be dropping off the radar, since NOAA and other sources document how in most the northern hemisphere the winters have been getting colder and longer again, and the same is expected for the one ahead. It's really been swept under the rug in a lot of quarters since the same radicals who screamed it the loudest are forced to acknowledge, by their own pet, evolutionary theories, that over 90% of the species that ever lived on this planet are gone, and we didn't kill them all...Especially if you subscribe to the idea the Earth is, in Carl Sagan's fave words, "billions and billions" of years old. Apparently, one of the processes inherent in natural selection is bringing new species into existence and phasing old ones out. What this tells me is that some day, it's not gonna matter how much money I had in escrow, or whether or not I got a brand new Chevy Suburban or that fancy house the family really thought I should have to "keep up with the Jones'es" because - if I'm very lucky - I'm gonna end up on a lab table being paroused over by whatever inherits the Earth down the line (following the theory and evidence). If I were you, I wouldn't worry about all that shit either, because the Earth - despite all the warming, cooling, pollution, big rocks fallin' out of the sky, or (insert made-up crisis/scare tactic here), - ain't going anywhere...We are!
Jackie Sue, Doh-San, Atavist...pack your shit folks, we're going away. Not gonna leave much of a trace once we're gone, neither - thank God for that! I mean, when people gotta dig through tons of dirt to find a couple little bones, and fantacize they came from a giant lizard, overgrown monkey or 10,000-ton squid because that's all they got to go on, pickin's'r pretty slim! If that's where we're headed, I don't have to worry about "leaving my mark on the world" because the world ain't gonna be able to figure it out correctly, anyway! There's a small comfort in that. So pardon me all to hell for not getting worried about something I never had anything to do with, and ain't gonna be able to stop.
Like most the rest of the shit you hear about on the right/left-wing squawk box, or see on the one-eyed god of the living room, or read in the fish-wraps, it ain't nothin' but a money-making scam, and since YOU ain't making the money, why buy it!?

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