Monday, November 9, 2009

Keep The Walls Down!

The defining characteristic of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries were walls like this one in Berlin, designed not to keep invaders out, but their own subjugated populations in!
Twenty years ago today, the Berlin Wall came down and East and West Germany started the task of reunification. Here are some brilliant insights and testimonies of witnesses. Those times saw the fruition of libertarian principles and ideas in action. That was many years of government debt-spending and needless interventionist "war" and welfare ago. Since then we deposed and killed an Iraqi tyrant for torturing and murdering his own citizens and started doing it ourselves. Now, our politicians idolize terrorists like Che Guevara and tyrants like Chairman Mao. All with Red China as our primary financier! If we keep heading in this direction, I wonder if there won't soon be more freedom in the Russian Federation than the United States? As Congressmice and Sena-traitors talk of another massive invasion of the privacy and economy of individuals disguised as health care reform; of instituting new huge taxes on utilities "to protect the environment", and having mandated everything from employer benefits to HDTV I seriously ponder and question the road ahead...
How far are we from prison walls on the borders to keep the plebes home, barefoot and subservient?

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one easter sunday on the ed sullivan wall there was a man who used nothing but his hands to show the distress, pain and agony of the still makes me cry to think of it..