Saturday, November 21, 2009

Legal Fiction

Machiavelli was perhaps the more honest about it in asserting that the law is written for the convenience of those who write it.
George W. Bush called the Constitution of the United States "just a Goddamn piece of paper" and his successor believes it to be "fundamentally flawed"... BOTH have proved they believe themselves to be well above the law of the land. The genuine issue is that most of fat, lazy, happy and chronically in debt for play-pretties America believes the archaic European Papal fiction of the rule of law being from God and therefore immutable.
They are about to get one hell of a reality check!
So much for the Second Amendment. I took the liberty of referring to this from as most authoritarian leftists won't believe their own un-Constitutional legislation is for real unless the email warning is thumbs-upped by it. Speaking of un-Constitutional, the Senate is supposed to vote on the DEATHcare reform bill today. This might be your final shot at preserving what remains of your individual liberty. Just so we're clear, "health care reform" WILL be the license for government to regulate every aspect of your life, even if it doesn't start that way. If someone else is going to be responsible for paying your doctor bills, and can tell you at gunpoint to buy health insurance or go to jail, you're certainly not going to have much say about anything else. What won't be regulated in such manner will be "fat tax"ed to pay for implementation and enforcement: Have another slice of that $90 pizza. Little by little, we are being enslaved. Just as there is no such animal as the "Divine right of Kings to rule" there is no "right" to something for nothing. That includes democracy. Liberty doesn't take care of itself, and "freedom" and free ride are not synonymous.
The law is only the law til the lawyers have at it, and government is that great legal fiction by which all seek to live at the expense of others - particularly the pretended and practiced "poor" and the old-money, filthy-rich!

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