Friday, November 6, 2009

Leykis 101

If you are a single man, the information presented here is not only indispensable, but your modern survival guide.
If you're one of the myriad "happily married" suckers out there, you are only an Oprah-generated, empty-headed-emotionalistic feeeeeeling away from divorce, Sunday fatherhood, and of course separate maintenance, child support and various other forms of vaginamoney as dreamed up by the lesbian femiNazi"family" courts. Galt-in-Da-Box has seen and met very few "happily married" men who didn't speak in an effeminate voice, continually act and live subservient to the whims of his continually insulting/bawling wife, and basically show up on the radar with only a slightly better profile than the metrosexual and "bottom" guy...fewer still that weren't constantly in debt because of her whims, fewer yet whose wife wasn't continually bitching about them not having enough money, &c. The Establishment has gotten rid of Tom Leykis's radio show, but select clips and audio can be found around the site.
You're welcomed!