Friday, November 13, 2009

Suffer The Ignorant

For the love of Gloria Steinem, WTF is the modern "liberated" she-male going to snivel about next!?
Dudes, if you are going to get hitched perhaps you should cut to the chase and marry your WII or PlayStation: It might just be a more mentally healthy and much less economically dangerous option than the femiNazi that is going to be withholding nookie and bitching, whining or bawling about everything you say/don't say and do/don't do the rest of your freaking life. Incredible - and more than a bit ironic - that the same gender that started the electronic infatuation parking her broadening backside in front of the one-eyed god of the living room all day to watch "Orca" Winfrey and soaps, is now bewailing how hubby would rather crouch and shoot than eat her crap. Newsflash: Contrary to popular feminist misconception, men don't set out looking for someone to "change their life", go figure they'd prefer a regular mattress dance!!! When it ain't available, they will find alternative interests. Hopefully, this slide-rule will help you discern the blatantly obvious!
It would not at all surprise Galt-in-Da-Box to learn that Mizz Betts is also a Fried Earth Clubber and against America's private health care system...what's left of it, anyway!

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