Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Backwards-Masked, Satanic, Subliminal Messages In Your Christmas Carols!!!"

That time of the year again, and "that time of the month" for some.
*long, disgusted sigh*
Among the rather lengthy list of reasons why Galt-in-Da-Box keeps his "right"-wing talk consumption to a minimum is something Laura Ingram and the other conservative-with-a-capital-CON Papists dredge up: The so-called "war" on Christmas. A bead-fingering idol-worshiper can stand just about anything it seems, except having one of their dearly-beloved, stolen-from-paganism/spiritualism "traditions" challenged, and this largely commercial venture is no exception. There was a rather inventive, thoughtful one among their ranks who coined the phrase "GIFTmas" in appreciation of the fact everyone's got their hand out, oblivious that the word "gift" does not mean "right" or "entitlement"!
The whining extends across the dispensational spectrum of three-god-initarian pseudo-Christianity (PC for short?) and into many tongue-talking "one true church"-es as well. As usual with sense-knowledge-based, non-faiths, anything they don't like is "evil"; a challenge to their counterfeit authority is taken as something that will inevitably cause the end of civilization as we know it and give the world itself a great big finger. There is no rhyme and absolutely no reason to any of it. It comes down to what all effeminence and weakness is built on: Pure, unthinking emotionalism! I like my biological father's "good" RC take on the whole matter: "It's just an excuse to get drunk and watch football!" Seems nowadays you can't even throw a party without some sniveler taking a crap in the punchbowl, and the bad part is he's stone sober. Pardon my attitude, but it's just another case of "They never dunnit that way when Ah wuz a-growin' up, so Ah noz it gotz tuh be rawang!"
Aardvark has already handled this admirably. Until his take, I thought I was a voice in the wilderness. I'm not at all a fan of the Presumptuous Collectivism...I mean "Political Correctness" movement, but such thought policing and beautiful "hate speech" atrocities are to be expected whenever one advocates authoritarianism in any form: The more of your personal responsibility you relinquish to government, the less freedom you will have, because the two are inseparably linked. You want to blame somebody, religionists? Look in the mirror (*ahem* anti-abortion to the point of blowing up buildings & killing people). Forms of godliness that deny the power thereof are just as fake and void of authority as earth-worship based ones that lie about global warming science, and call themselves agnostic or atheist while doing so. In fact, they're owned by the same devil spirit realm, so why not just wake up to the fact neither side is thinking for themselves. We can continue to be blind followers of the more blind, or take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to celebrate your own way.
As Glenn Beck so appropriately put it though from a different take, Merry RamaHannuKwaanzMas - just don't step in the, uh, "cranberry sauce"!



not that there's anything wrong with drinking beer and watching football.

Ted Amadeus said...

That was one of "the ol' man's" best.
I personally don't give a shit how anyone chooses to celebrate this time of year, because Jesus Christ wasn't actually born on December 25th anyway...How can you "put Him back in" something He never had a freaking thing to do with in the first place?