Monday, December 7, 2009

(bi)Polar Express*

Liz (or is that Lez?) Stewart breaks out the pussy-whip.
"Welcome to the age of female rage?" This feminstaazi must be too young to remember the 1970s, when cunts militante like Gloria Steinem were filling the land with their diatribes, engendering a whole nation of empty-headed-emotionalist non-procreators and evolutionary dead ends. To this day, these bitches can't figure out why they won't get laid, much less a family - at least one worth having. Here's a clue for the clueless: Men want women that act like women, not he-bitches. The unfortunate thing is, many American women today know how to put their best foot forward and act naturally pre-nup, then cast aside the sheep's clothing and bare their fangs once dude has strapped on the ball and chain. This is why American men are looking more and more overseas for women who still know what, as well as who they are. Another majority of us simply aren't getting married at all! I want to serve notice on the grotesquely obese, crop-haired, cigar-smoking, tattoo-sporting lot of homegrown she-malehood, and hope to enlighten E-lizabeth himself: What you are getting is a reflection of your own attitude. The louder you shout and shrike, the more we will ignore you and import quality ladies. We're not going to do your work for you around the house, nor that for which you so vehemently demand "equal pay" along with our own, because you are freaks! The gamma-male slaves that will grovel at your feet for a piece aren't going to satisfy you either, because they're usually getting it from/giving it to another guy when you're not looking, and like him a hell of a lot more than you. The good news is, at least a few of you are waking up sooner, rather than later, learning from the experiences of your elders that "femi-Naziism" is a bad freaking idea whose time has expired, and waiting til after you've raised your families for a career.
By the way, those babes coming here from the islands and the Latin Americas?
They can't stand you either, and largely look upon you as psychotic whack-jobs!

Liz, "You've come a long way, baby!" - Yeah, from women's suffrage to women insufferable in less than a century...Congrats all around *ahem*.

*Dr. Dre sez it SOOOOOOOOOO much betta dan Galt-in-Da-Box be thayin'.

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