Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Can't Happen Here", Eh?

Just as "Iran doesn't have any homosexuals" according to A-mad-jihad, "Zein echt nutzihnk to zee heah, plebes! Moof alonk!" in our long, drawn-out, counterproductive Prohibition"war on drugs".
These fascist bastards need to be sent up the river til it runs dry, but Galt-in-Da-Box won't be surprised if government exonerates itself once again - assuming it already has not. Ever thought how easily and quickly a war-on-concept like this can be used to get rid of political dissenters? This is not supposed to be a fascist reich-schtaat like France, where there is barely a distinction between the police and the military, and no-knock raids can be carried out indiscriminately if the "need" is rationalized by The State. Question is, do we keep waiting until friends and family start "disappearing" or have our own version of the Tienanmen Square Massacre to act?
Only a complete and total dumbass would rationalize our current, apparent strategy of standing idly by til they disarm U.S, shut down the internet and are herding thousands aboard cattle-cars to "sustainability" gulags is a good idea!


texlahoma said...

Sounds like we see the country headed to the same place.
For some reason Americans can believe in threats from other countries but have a hard time grasping that there is a bigger threat to our freedoms coming from our own government.

Ted Amadeus said...

If we can't get The Whore Of Babylon out of our government and The Synagogue Of Satan out of our banks, you can stick America with a fork because she's done.