Monday, December 21, 2009

A Culture Of Denial

On various other issues, I've commented at length about the amazingly frightening ability of Western Civilization in general to blank things out with which it doesn't want to deal.
It's not a habitual attitude that promotes life or prosperity. In fact it can be said without fear of contradiction millions have died because of it! While we chase global warming phantoms, try to make sure all the dopers, drunkards and sodomites have health coverage and import the enemy for "compassionate" religious placation, threats we ignore - or worse yet, play with instead of ending under the guise of war - continue to grow. When the Wahhabis first made known their intentions and acted upon them was the time to act quickly, decisively and with overwhelming force. After almost a decade of pretense; of hacking at the branches instead of striking the root, the problem remains, showing no signs of abatement. Some say murdering Islamic fanatics have nothing but homemade bombs and AK47s and aren't therefore a legitimate adversary. Their greatest weapons are multiculturalism and political correctness, both of which the West has supplied to its own destruction. The most disturbing fact about dealing with radical Muslim fundamentalists is not that 19 of them lived in this country for a year under our own noses, training to blow up the WTC, but that we basically walked by so much shit and handed them everything they needed to do it without so much as a thought!
Is it possible to fight a war when you don't even have the guts to call the enemy by name?



I'm sorry, I believe in freedom of religion right up there with the best of them..but when they use that religion to wreck havoc on the world and my country in general? I say fuckem...send them packing ...all of them...we'll let them re apply for citizen ship by passing a litney of tests...

Ted Amadeus said...

The shocking thing is, most of the guys that hit the WTC were WAAAAY over their student visa alloted time, or not even nationalized residents at all! It's amazing what the political class will subject U.S. to in order to get a money-making scheme/scam off the ground, including 3,000 murdered civilians.
And yes, if your "religion" involves convert-or-die as a proselytizing technique, I'm pretty sure the founding fathers would have told you to shove it & get the fuck out!