Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Congress:

So are about 150 million OTHER Americans!

Hat-tip to Yellowdog Granny for this awesome pic.



im so regreating my vote.

A Conservative Teacher said...

Is this her response to Obama stripping money out of Medicare?

Ted Amadeus said...

They seem to all be about building on the sand foundations of errors past instead of correcting them!
That doesn't inspire confidence.

Ted Amadeus said...

More than likely CT, she's pissed about having to pony up an additional 20% income tax, value-added tax, additional fees of medical devices and prescriptions &c. I am too! We already have Medicare & Medicaid, just fix what's broken and move forward!
The current "reform" bill benefits big insurance corporations on the backs of the working. If Martin Luther capitulated to the Whore of Babylon by introducing more idolatry, spiritualism, thievery and bribery, would we have called it a "reform"-ation to propose more of what was wrong to begin with!?