Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fight The Muzzle!

"Religion is the art of sugar-coating a turd and selling it as a donut." - Pat Condell

Whatever may ill-be-said about atheists and atheism, I am compelled to give them the floor when they are doing what Believers damn-well should have been doing for so long.
In this case, standing up for individual liberty. It's all-too-apparent that radical, malignant atheism is sodomy or doperism-driven, all pseudo-intellectualism/"enLIEtenment" claims notwithstanding - but Condell's rant gives the most funny-mentally of Fundies a moments' pause and aught to be seen by everyone - like Geert Wilders expose on Islamic authoritarian tyranny Fitna - deserves serious consideration and action. Galt-in-Da-Box will be reviewing a number of such YouTube videos, and you'll get to see them here depending on their merit. They are messages folks on this side of the pond should ponder and act upon. About the only real issue I have with most of these guys, is their passionate love of the welfare state and social(istic in)justice, but sometimes they just shine as lights when it comes to freedom.
Proving Pat's point from the Vaticanism angle are fine, liberty-hating, OMFR folk like Sen. Nancy Pelosi who wants to bring back the "Fairness" Doctrine. Does anyone out there remember talk radio under the unFairness Dogma? Two words, friends: Weirdo city, enough to make you nauseous. How did we get from all those port-side wailings about "freedom of expression" to trying to dredge back up the most fascist restriction on it in American history? To his benefit, Barack Obama has come out in opposition of reinstatement. We always expected censorship from right-wing Funny-mental-ism, but this leftist variety from the "political correctness"-pimping, great white paternity, cradle-to-grave-wet-nursing Progs is an anti-intellectual broadside that would give Robertson and Falwell wetties!
Click the first link to see possibly the only man in Western Europe telling the truth about its Islamization and getting away with it...Thank God!

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texlahoma said...

When I think of all the wars that could have been prevented if atheists ran the world...
Fairness Doctrine, hate speech laws they just take away more liberties, as you know.
They need to scratch all the laws and start over with individual rights in mind.