Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Gravy Train Called "Divorce"

Or, what happens when you have more dollars than sense and hyphenate your last name with some "liberated" feminStaazi cunt.
Is the economic slow-down cramping your budget? Maybe you're shopping at Aldi now when you used to "go Krogering"? Bet you never spent $8 grand a week on travel to and from either, or $27,300/wk on rent(WTF...is she "slumming" at Windsor Castle)? Don't you wish you were self-absorbed and egotistical enough to burn through well-over $200-large a month of someone else's dough? Of course, he made his fortune, she had nothing and "only married for love" - yeah, right bitch! His high-end, eight-figure annual haul never crossed her mind...And I got a bridge in Brooklyn I'll let you have cheap. Just think, "gay" marriage fans: One day, all this (bullshit) will be yours...Complete with bankruptcy!
This confirms my hypothesis that rich people aren't really the razor-sharp implements everyone assumes them to be. Madoff knew better. Clearly, this she-arer did too! Maybe George'll brain-up before it's all said and permanent-damage-done and hire a hit-man. I'm nausea-Ted just thinking of all the high-quality snatch he could have rented and passed up, if this is "the style to which she has been accustomed." In a leftist paradise like "Jew York", what are the odds some Bench-butch will be assigned the trial and glibly award Toxic Wife all that she demands and more to punish the "misogynist"? Unless there's a bumper-crop of such loaded fools there, she'll probably take her lonely-heart show on the road to Florida or Cali. Hell, with an 8G/wk ticket to ride, why not? Look for a crying jag Dear Abby letter in a decade after ass-raping a couple more well-heeled marks - this one from darling heart-broken Marie, lamenting how she "can't steal a man for love or money, is childless and life is so unfaaaaaair." Word gets around quick with the OMFR regarding gold-diggers, and stays around. Like Dubya discovered, you can't run a scam forever. May all those cats keep you warm at night, dearie.
Dudes - especially those of you with new money phat bank - check the archives, and chalk it up as another glittering example of what happens when you think with your dick (i.e: You get cleaned out, and the door slammed on it hard when she leaves with bags full of your jack).

*Hat-tip to Bobert who brought this staggering rip-off to our attention!

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