Monday, December 28, 2009

Math Is Hard

See if you can figure this out:
A terrorist bribes his way onto an airplane bound for Detroit, MI and nearly burns his balls off trying to set off a bomb. A month earlier, another home-grown one in an American military uniform guns a bunch of fellow soldiers down at Fort Hood. The media band continues to play on about how multiculturalism and sensitivity are needed and crucial like a sounding board for the CAIRagheads. Now that the financiers of these terrorists have nearly absolute control of our fuel supply, they fund environmental movements to discourage any development of the 500 years' worth of oil under our own feet. But fear not, "hope and change" are alive and well on the golf course.
Unlike Rush Limbaugh and his fellow travelers, Galt-in-Da-Box believes we need national sovereignty, not more global borrowing and internationalist industry export to China, nor trillions more dollars and thousands of American lives wasted on middle-eastern police actions. Since all but one of the terrorists who have attacked this country are Muslims from the Middle East, importing them for religious or secular altruistic reasons should stop. The great white guilt money spigot in Washington D.C. pouring millions of dollars into their pockets must be turned off. And yes, there needs to be profiling. In fact, there needs to be deportation, since most of the sonsofbitches aren't here legally anyway!
Call me crazy, but I think a great tactic for fighting terrorism would be to quit feeding the Saudi Arabian monster that creates it. Don't expect such under Bush, Obama, nor any other old-money, filthy-rich, bought-and-paid-for cocksucker from the globalist lucky sperm club passing itself off as the Republican and Democratic parties. That bullshit about the sheep dog and the wolf coexisting peacefully is an old fucking cartoon: It doesn't work in real life. Math's not that hard if we have the guts to take the rose-colored glasses off and stop rationalizing:
Figures don't lie but liars can figure, and their multicultural deceit is getting people killed.

BTW: If you feeeeeel this is "negative/divisive/mean-spirited/hate-speech", you are part of the problem, not the solution! You might as well be building bombs for those murdering Islamic fanatics.

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I'm very pc about this..kill all them fuckers...