Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet The Real Terrorists

The greatest weapon in the hands of murdering Islamic fanatics is not a lead pipe full of C4 explosive plastic, or an AK47.
Their strongest and best means of attacking America has already been handed to them on a silver platter by the likes of Reid, Pelosi, Clinton and effeminate-voiced ACLU limp-wrists who want to try them in American courts, give them all the benefits and privileges of American citizens, and thus get them off Scot free and walking among U.S. in the altruistic name of multicultural "social justice". Galt-in-Da-Box asserts that, as far as "attacking America" and "destroying freedom" is concerned, a terrorist on a jet liner with a pipe-bomb and a box-cutter ain't shit next to a leftist Papist in Congress hell-bent on using altruism as an excuse to let mass-murderers run free and the worthless leech off the productive. The former merely uses our own property against us. The latter twists American rule of law, perverting and distorting it into a convoluted globalist fantasy, where slave states are heroic and America is always wrong.
"Civil libertarians"...well, let's cut through all the spinning jingoism and tell it like it is: Communist traitors don't care about Americans, their rights, or the Constitution, all claims to the contrary notwithstanding. They care about subverting and subordinating this country to some bureaucratic "North American" cadre, or the leftist fascists running the UN. Bubba and Dubya ran administrations that were whored out to foreign interests and money. Dumb-O has proven to be little different, with massive borrowing, employer-exports to slave states, constant bowing and curtsying to third-world tyrants.
Your time and ability to change this are running desperately short, America...and being taken from you bit by bit like candy from a baby by an even more whored-out Congress. For decades we've bought the lies of doper/hippie boomers in demagogic or political positions who told U.S. "It can't/'ll never happen here"; encouraged by these fifth-columnists to sit on our brains so that it will: Failure to act - to do the unpleasant but necessary - has played a key part in the loss of liberty and downfall of free nations. Petitions have been tried and failed. Civil disobedience has been all but ignored, and the corrupt in power now have no qualms about dealing with all of it harshly if you're an American. Ragheads get a pass so the DHS bureaucracy won't appear to be "profiling". If you read the Declaration of Independence for what it plainly says, you realize we are quickly coming down to one final option, and even more quickly running out of time to implement it.
Let the actual "war on terrorism" begin!

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