Friday, December 25, 2009

My Favorite Things

Some thoughts and ideas from this one, and Christmases past:
Sending out the high-end Hallmark Christmas cards bought the year before dirt cheap on 26DEC.
Going to the park on Christmas Eve after a fresh flurry to "make angels" in the snow.
Listening to Mannheim Steamroller CDs/MP3s, or the An American Christmas radio show they do every year.
Filling up Currier & Ives decorator tins with miniature chocolate bars and other goodies to give to friends.
Driving over to Ohio to see Mom & Dad in Columbus.
Going to Cincinnati with Dad to see the Duke Electric train show.
Getting very, very/real selective with TV, since it can't show anything but It's a wonderful life! on every channel from Thanksgiving to New Years.
NFL regular season finale!
Taking in movies, pizza and fellowship with other Believers.
If you must eat out, two words: Prime. Rib...Preferably, the AYCE special at Back Forty Junction in Deatur, IN.
Egg nog with Maker's Mark in it...Or sometimes, the other way around!
Slow-roasted, falling-off-the-bone turkey and multi-grain bread stuffing with cheddar, bacon and greens.
And now...Listening to Clay sing my absolute favorite Christmas carol: O Holy Night!
This list is by no means complete!!!

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merry christmas my friend.