Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playing Favorites

I do not say this merely as a proud member in good standing of the National Misogynist Association, but base my opine and official stance on historical fact. See, I lived through the 1970s and the sexual revolution that wasn't. During that time, an Equal Rights Amendment that gave the NOW hags everything they claimed to want came up for passage. Once it reached Congress for a vote, guess who the primary opponents were? That's right, NOW! It seemed, amazingly enough, that this gimmee-group didn't want equal rights after all, but what all welfare careerists truly angle for: Special privileges and "minority" favoritism, at everyone else's expense...Go figure!
The best anyone can hope for in a genuinely free society is EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. It's just words on a building, because when government is allowed to walk all over the rule of law, there can be no justice, equal or otherwise. It is chronically interfered with in our day and time by enterprising con-artists and gainsaying hucksters with "social(ist)" issues looking to make a name for themselves, persistent offers of privilege from politicians, and the fact that - because of all these that have come down the pike since 1932 - we are not really a free society at all. Not anymore! And in the interest of this counterfeit "equality", some foot the bill for others, who not only don't pay into the system, but get paid by it not to work. Incredible how many of these "equal" bastards always need your help, your money or a government handout!
Didn't Abraham Lincoln lead this country into a war, allegedly to free the slaves? If so - and that's a mighty big "if" - I submit to you that he failed: We still have slavery, we just are to civil/polite/positive-minded &/ politically correct to call it that. If you doubt me, try not paying the income taxes about to be inflicted on you to buy health insurance for deadbeats and pad Al Gore's freaking pocket"save the precious environment."
The next time you hear some bunch of lazy sonsofbitches outside sniveling "entitlement", on TV or over the internet screaming about "rights" and "equality", remember what they are truly after, check your paycheck stub to see how much you're ALREADY enslaved to butter their bread, and hide your wallet accordingly!


texlahoma said...

I know and agree. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would say "You're just trying to see how far you can push me." As our checks have more and more taken out of them, they seem to be seeing how far they can push the American workers. Not much farther, I'd say, before somethings got to give.


i agree...