Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Thoughts & Lucid Musings

Dumb-O's numbers tank as bank-busting health care deal reached in Congress, says msnbc.
Gee, I wonder what could have brought that on? If BHO can win a Nobel Prize for driving U.S. further into oblivious freaking debt, raising taxes in the middle of a recession and expanding the war he campaigned on ending, can Tiger Woods cinch Husband of the Year (Since he hasn't played the race card to cover his errors, I think he's still got a shot!)?
Time ain't on your side: Isn't nominating Ben Burn-the-bank-e Person Of The Year kind of like reaching a consensus to give Saddam Hussein a Humanitarian Award? The only people that have done more to destroy the economy are our wonderful mis-representatives and senatraitors in Congress who never met an un-Constitutional, frivolous cause for wasteful spending they didn't like.
Finally, Jacob Sullum shows the tactic used to bullshine U.S. into all this fascist foolishness in more detail and clarity. It seems politicians are all about freedom of choice as long as you silently, obediently choose to follow them off a cliff, or - like most of America - lay down like Paris Hilton in front of a camcorder, and let them have their way!

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