Saturday, December 26, 2009

Return Til You Drop

Sitting this one out.
The day after Christmas is supposed to be one of those really intense shopping days, second or third to the day after Thanksgiving, as folks run out to spend the money/burn through the gift cards they received the day before, and ingrates exchange what they got for what they think they want at the moment. Galt-in-Da-Box is sitting on a phat gift card for an excellent steak house; one of a dozen gifts, more than half of which I never expected and all of which are more than appreciated, because I've found I get outfitted for future adventures and crises at this time of year. I've only ever returned a gift to get the right size, or because necessity took priority. Non-perishable food gifts stock my pantry, and the perishable stuff becomes part of the week's meals ahead. Clothes replace older items. Tools always get used, upgrading older gear. Waste not, want not.
There were items I bought as "back-up" gifts for unanticipated occasions or surprise reunions, and as has happened going the last few years they will be returned, their recipients never having arrived and there being no address to which to send them. Love is never wasted, even though it might seem to be from time to time and especially in the holiday stress. Because of that and as I've appreciated all the more the last lustrum, sometimes the best gift you can give is your absence!
More later, just delight yourselves in the abundance of peace for now, that the hardest work is behind you.

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