Thursday, December 31, 2009

Suffer The Innocent

Millions dead...The eventual price tag of godless men with god-like authority and egotism.
Case in point, Nazi (National Socialist) Germany. As a segue into serious contemplation of financial issues - and their inevitable consequences - that continue to loom behind the rosy picture ABCNNBCBS are trying to cover it with, CFN invites the reader to ponder the following: To this day, many still wonder how a man as wicked and despotic as Adolf Hitler could have come to power; how a dogma of hate could have led a nation down the self-destructive course of world-conquest under the vain delusion it could actually win? I for one, am quite sure it came gift-wrapped in the sugar-coating of "hope and change", before transitioning to rope-nooses and chains amid the horrified gaze of the German people! Any farmer will tell you that, in order for seeds to grow, the ground has to be properly prepared, and the Wiemar Republic (pre-Nazi Germany) was a seed bed that was a microcosm of current America.
Then as now, wealthy Khazakhs with political connections controlled the country's central bank. The nation was deeply mired in foreign-war-created national debt. To pay off the debt, and reparation obligations foisted upon Germany by the Versailles Treaty that "ended" The Great War, this tiny cadre of old-money, politically-influential filthy-rich decided Keynesian economics (inflated currency, worthless fiat paper) was the answer. It was about this time that the Hawley-Smoot protectionist trade bill passed by Congress raised American tariffs and duties on imported goods immensely, causing foreign governments to reciprocate. Enter the Great Depression, which - like our current "recession" - had worldwide consequences. In Germany, inflation became something like it is in Zimbabwe now. You've heard the stories about wheelbarrows full of paper money to buy a loaf of bread? In Wiemar Germany, it was a reality. Prices doubled daily. People pawned their belongings for worthless fiat paper that was even more worthless by the time they spent it. I've heard it said of the "currency crisis" of 1788 in colonial America that newspapers accepted subscriptions in salt pork. Such barter systems crop up when there is no money, or worse yet, an "incredibly shrinking value" monetary system. Pawn brokers - the majority of whom in Germany at that time were Khazars - made a killing from the public's ignorance not unlike real estate "bankstaz" today. Imagine putting your life savings into an insurance plan that gave you a million Marks at retirement...Only to find it cost the whole amount to buy a freaking toaster!?
Enter the perfect psychopath to take advantage of the whole scene. For feted, twisted excuses of his own devising, Hitler had long been feeding his Brown-shirts and hierarchy an incendiary diet of hate-mongering anti-"Jew" propaganda. Most sales are made on impulse/empty-headed-emotionalism, and desperate people do desperately wrong and stupid things in the midst of desperate times. Naziism was not a cause. It was an effect. It never would have gotten hold had it not been for a few crooks and looters in positions of power that gave Hitler hinges on which to swing the trapdoor shut.
The actual criminals raping the country probably got off Scot-free while innocent millions died horribly, because fascist regimes do not discriminate to the finite of individuals actually responsible. I got to thinking about all this as some local outfit is trying to get folks to remember the Holocaust. We'd do a lot better to look at history and remember what caused it...Look at the obscene amounts of wasteful statist spending and delusional depths of indebtedness being advocated and inflicted on future generations by pull-peddlers and their enabling bankstaz. It would serve U.S. well to remember yesterday's "Jew" (there weren't actually 6 million of Israel's bloodline in all of Europe, so anybody Hitler disagreed with wound up in the camps as a kakostocracy-created convert) could be tomorrow's "terrorist" as the jack-boot of concept-warfare turns against the American people. Remember that socialism does not produce peace, prosperity or greatness (Where are Nazi Germany and the USSR now?), but such regimes are very good at producing corpses and imperialist tyranny.
Where are we headed today, and if it is back into such a dark age, is it too late to change course?

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