Thursday, December 10, 2009

What A Contrast

Pondering the loss of a legend, and a legendary loser.
It amazes Galt-in-Da-Box how many people still take the guy seriously. I'll be the first to admit that for the longest time I was a dittohead. That was 20 years ago when I also still harbored under the Papist lie that "Uh-MURRAcuh'z a CHRISTIAN nation!" and someone other than those fellating the Khazakhs could become wealthy. Face it: By any media metric, Rush Limbaugh was a riot in his pre-rehab era, probably because he was stoned out of his mind most the time, and to this day nobody has surpassed the raucously funny radio gags of "Satanic subliminal messages" in Slim Whitman's Una Paloma Blanca, and the caller abortions. Somewhere along the line though, we grew up and reality set in...Probably because we went through numerous of those "jobs Americans don't want" and witnessed first-hand that people are nothing but an exploitable resource from which to get money to Limbaugh and OMFR like him. When they cease to be so, things get handed over to the socialists by nomination of a candidate nobody will vote for and his Alaskan ditz sidekick, and they start having meetings in Copenhagen to discuss "eliminating the surplus population" under the guise of environmentalism.
Abraham Lincoln said "you can't fool all the people all the time", but El Rushbo gave it a good run! He actually managed to bullshit the majority into thinking he and his fellow travelers were in it for something other than the money. Good ol' boys like "Shooter" Dick and former President Johnny-Reb played Limbaugh the way he played the GOPlebescheithe and working America: Like a Stradivarius. For a quarter-century, it was a pretty good hustle. Eight years of welfaring the rich and Old-Money Filthy-Rich under Bush's right-wing socialism and perpetual warfare state regime, not so much.
Limbaugh's meltdown in front of CPAC however sent up emergency flares. A man renowned for talking out of both sides of his face and lying through his hat on more than one occasion tried desperately to play it serious for a change, challenging Obama to debate him and berating the stimulus package, the only difference of which from most of Dubya's, was who got bribed. It generated a lot of laughs, some of them uneasy, and a lot of which made the casual observer wonder whether the audience laughed with, or at him. Perhaps the stress of having to go clean has produced "John Kerry syndrome" with Limbilge, wherein everyone else knows he doesn't believe or mean a word he is saying, but he believes that he does, even in the face of blatant self-contradiction.
Around that time it came to this blogger's attention a real radio legend has left the building: Famous for his wry but cheerful delivery, Paul Harvey was one of the few, bright guiding lights of conservative thought, wisdom and humor. Harvey was not merely brilliant and down-to-earth but an excellent writer as well as speaker. He made a career in radio when it was the dominant media and sailed on through it's corporatization and conglomeration handly, because he had talent - not just the appearance of it - and produced most the copy he propagated. I started to suspect much more was at issue than met the eye when his radio spots became more and more the venue of others, and it's too bad Limbaugh did not borrow a few pages from his playbook.
He might still be relevant today, instead of a mere partisan hack that's been surpassed by the very sensationalism he capitalized on so well.



i miss paul harvey..

texlahoma said...

I think Paul Harvey was miles ahead of Limbaugh in credibility and class.

Sling said...

Great post Ted!..Limbaugh,and his spawn Hannity,are laughing all the way to the bank catering to the least common denominator..Those pathetic few among us that can only reconcile their own mierable lives by yelling 'FIRE!' in theaters crowded with folks of decent intent.

Ted Amadeus said...

No doubt about it here...NO DOUBT!

Ted Amadeus said...

Ewwwwwwwwww...Sean "Arguety" (there are other euphemisms I could use but it wouldn't be edifying)?
You REALLY don't want to go there Sling, it'll get even uglier!
About the only one of the "right"-wing talking heads I can stand anymore is Glenn Beck, who I used to think sucked, until he actually started making sense while the others were desperately engaged in ass-covering and excuse-making. No less commercial, but at least entertaining.
As long as you remember they say whatever will get them a following and book/disc/tour ticket sales, you're set.