Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Matters Most

Recently, at the prompting and admonition of many friends and associates, I finished a "Bible class" that was very well done. The information was accurate and precise, well delivered and in a timely fashion. It's tradition that everyone dress up at the last session, so I did - as much as I hate coat-and-tie (something generally reserved by Galt-in-Da-Box for weddings and funerals). The same thing happened at the end of that class that came my way when using a George Carlin video on FaceBook to communicate a simple message about what's really going on in the country: Someone decided to pick nits about the way the message was delivered rather than examine the content and context.
It doesn't matter whether it's a lapel pin or a video, it seems to me there's WAY too much arrogant self-righteousness about petty things and not enough concentration on needful ones! Having had it brow-beat into my head for a decade, I am well aware that Jesus said "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much..." at least as much as how he fittingly reproved the scribes and pharisees for tithing mint and anise and cummin and omitting the weightier matters of the law, blasted them for sniveling about how his disciples didn't fast when they thought they should, or wash their hands when they ate. If memory serves, I recall Paul handling the matter of how some believers esteemed certain days above others, and others every day alike, among other differences between the Judeans and gentiles. The "WASP CULTure Police" among U.S. will go to great lengths to put you down because of your shoes, or your pants, or your glasses, or your wheelchair. They'll bitch about the car you drive and the house you live in not being up to snuff, and while they are doing all this, and distracting you in the process, important and weightier matters of life slip by: The love of your life who played hard to get, and you let them go. The ungodly, un-Constitutional, robbery-licensing bill passed by Congress to force you to buy something for others, or face fines and prison. The friend you knew from grade school you recently reconnected with who expired unexpectedly, about which you learned only when you tried to call him. The relative with the fatal disease. That guy or gal in desperate need of your love and attention that you don't want anything to do with, because their WASP CULTure morays aren't up to your - largely relative and arbitrary when it comes to yourself - standards. What matters most can very easily become something you never think about til it becomes a gaping black hole in your history; a Hiroshima nothing can rebuild. Til it becomes "what mattered most".
Since the time allotted to me in this world is not infinite and I don't get younger as it passes, I've decided I'm going to concentrate on what matters most, instead of whether or not my tie-tack is where some phoney wants it, because time waits for no man, and not a single moment of it can be bought back with all the money on Earth. This is going to offend some people, but not the sort of people with which I wish to bother: The devil-spirit realm behind and operating them whether they know it or not will use them to keep you from doing what matters most. They will say "If thou be the Son of God..." surely you'd wear Brand X fancy clothes, vote for these people and not use such strong language! ...Certainly you would be the good, prim and proper collectivist drone we say you should be. If they can prove it from the whole of His Word and not just part of a verse, give it a hearing, but the majority of such foolishness is a waste of time to get you self-conscious and self-doubting. The Lord Jesus Christ didn't follow anyone but God, but I've seen plenty of bums on street corners wearing suits. Many more in fancy offices behind ornate desks, overpaid and embezzling more whiles running to the taxpayers for bail-outs! It didn't impress me at all favorably. If you're not old-money filthy-rich, it's more than a bit deceitful to attempt to appear as if you are, to say nothing of vain and egotistical. It's more important to get honest and be realistic. The Word helps in that regard, not constantly-changing pop-culture, ethical fads, designer causes and starch religion loaded with synthetic fillers and traditional by-products.
Let's tune out the static and the lily-"white noise" and focus on God's Word, because that's really what matters most!

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Master Doh-San said...

"The things that matter most should never be left to the mercy of things that matter least."
-- Ashley Montague