Friday, December 4, 2009

Whut He Thay?

Never heard a damned word of it!
Just before Our Dear Leader came out and addressed the nation Galt-in-Da-Box had perfect copy: I got the announcer, the introduction and all the delightful banter of talking heads saying what they interpret him saying afterward, but the minute he opened his mouth to the moment the speech ended came across as silence on my digital TV. Tried every button on the remote, then the volume buttons on the set itself. Then came calling the TV station, a rep of which assured me they were experiencing no technical difficulties during the broadcast. I dug through the files and consulted the owner's manual, but since it was printed in 8 different languages, I just called the toll-free number instead. After navigating the automated system a couple of times, I finally got to a warm body with a pulse and a voice. It seemed I had pressed the wrong one of the thousand tiny, Blackberry-like bits on the remote and accidentally activated my HDTV's bullshit filter. From what everyone outside the media tells me, I didn't miss much...Go figure!
Seriously though, I think the only thing missing from the engagement in Shit-stain-istan is the same thing that was curiously absent from the one in Iraq: A desire to win, and a willingness to do so quickly, decisively and with overwhelming force. Since some Progs have stolen a page from the neoCon-artist playbook and started comparing TWAT ("tha wah awn terriss" for you uninitiated ones, and those from Miami-Dade County, Florida) to World War II, let's go there. If we had pussy-footed around with Hitler and Tojo the way we're half-assing this one away, we'd all be speaking Japanese and German now!!! Whatever may ill-be said of FDR, he knew how a nation wins wars: Build the most formidable fighting machine on Earth, turn it on, MOST IMPORTANTLY get the fuck out of the way til its job is done, than turn it off and put it away! It's about as far removed from brain surgery and rocket science as you can get. On the other hand, if your real strategy is redistribution of wealth to the military-industrial complex to get more big-shot-and-don't-forget-to-dot-the-eye Papists on your side, the current strategy works great.
As was popular with Bush and Clinton after Katrina, don't be too surprised if you see Dubya and Dumb-O swapping spit on TV sometime soon.



i'm so pissed..i didn't even watch.

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