Monday, December 14, 2009

"Why Would They Lie!?"

Another disturbing similarity between "Fat Al's Fried Earth Club" and religion.
Time and time again when people were warned back in the days of my youth that charlatans like Jim Bakker and Robert Tilton were nothing more, the confused response following much emotionalism and shrieking was always a failure to grok the politically and fiscally obvious: Because there's power in manipulation, and money involved! Even to this day, when the money in your wallet or purse has lost half it's value under Dubya, and is about to be quartered again by Dumb-O, the true believers of the other earth-bitch-worship cult demand the politicians tax hell out of you for unnecessary "climate change initiatives" - a lust the looters and pull-peddlers in Congress are all-too willing to slake: These folks are actually arrogant enough to think they can control the fucking weather!
Your first glaring, huge red flag was when the leaders of the global warming charge were big fat Al and Dan Rather-biassed (and we all know "cokehead Dan" was a straight shooter). The second dead giveaway for me was when they trotted out some blond chippie last year during a football half-time to tell U.S. the polar ice caps were melting, so there was a coming global water shortage, and we should all write Congress to get them on the Kyoto Treaty bandwagon; how it wasn't about money but survival and future generations..."and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the Summer time." All cleverly disguised as a "news" story.
First up, whenever anyone tells you "It's not about the money!" TAKE IT TO THE BANK, it's about the money! One of the leading intellectual errors of our time has been to think only bankers and businessmen ever get greedy. These fear-mongers and scare-tactic engineers live off others thoughtlessly via NPOs and their funding comes largely from government. When the major mouthpieces for your dreck are a failed politrickster, a career liar and a cheesecake centerfold, you had better use the term "science" VERY sparingly, especially when the "scientists" working on the lie are passing emails about how to make it more believable in light of the growing mountains of evidence ratting it out.
Second, though many still chase dollars - federal research grant, or otherwise - the real thing the architects of this grand-mal fraud are after is power: They can't, don't or - in the majority of cases - won't control their own minds and lives, but somehow insist on a right to manipulate yours! They arose out of a movement that is powerless without convincing the majority to worship the false, atheist idol of government, so what better way to proselytize than a "crisis".
Listen close, and it's all the "Greatest Freak-Show On Earth" ever talk about: Health care, terrorists, climate change, big rocks falling out of the sky, Mayan calendars predicting the end of time &c. I swear there's a room at UC Berkeley somewhere with a bunch of retreaded '60s burn-outs who either spin a bottle on a hand-drawn board, or throw darts at a chart made of apocalyptic fairy tales. Wherever it lands, that's what half of them get their buddies in the lapdog media to move. The other half goes the Michael Moore route, or starts making "curly bulbs" and padding their pockets on the people's gullibility via what's left of the private sector. To all you very sincere grass-roots still into this 40-year-old, doomsday-every-10-12-year-predicting, dreamed-up-on-an-acid-flashback humbug, don't feel too bad...
One of my pet theories is that P. T. Barnum was too conservative in his estimation, and there are at least two suckers born every minute...quite possibly three!



how many people voted for bush 2 times? that's how many suckers are born..

Ted Amadeus said...

Sorry YdG, I subscribe to the "selected, not elected" theory...
For that asshole, and the current one!
"Don't even know who the next President'll be, and I already hate the fucker!" - Vin Diesel