Friday, December 11, 2009


Weapon of Mass Destruction
That's right, friends...Feed Galt-in-Da-Box some potatoes - fried, baked, boiled...cooked in any way known to man - and that's what I turn into. Seriously. Two hours after ingestion, you better not be within the three-hundred-foot "kill zone". That's how devastating the flagellation is! Plaster cracks, paint peels, metal starts to rust and tarnish, the ozone layer takes a massive hit; a carbon footprint the size of Ohio with every toxic detonation...It's not pretty. Use of open-flame-generating devices, radio transceivers, cell phones and other potential sources of ignition is not advisable.
Talk about ground zero!


texlahoma said...

I can relate, ruined three cell phones that way.


my my chili and when you fart it melts the shower liner