Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Year In Stupidity

So many ass-hats, so little ammunition!
Glad that in a mind-bogglingly rare turn of events, this one got his come-uppance. Usually when Der Schtaat investigates or tries one of its own, it acquits or exonerates itself. "Blago" by-passed the usual route of resignation, capitulation ("Ah hayave SIYINED beforah Gawad!!!" - Jimmy Swagger) speech and retirement with phat pension and advance for self-aggrandizing memoirs in hand that most bureaucrats take, electing rather to pat himself on the back in appeal to his fellow pull-peddlers...Which sealed his fate: They all knew, with the media-circus/feeding frenzy this train-wreck has been, they wouldn't be re-elected if they didn't get rid of him.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed, Ronny...Emphasis on tool!

"She thay she AM da managah!"
Bob, you handled this excrement well: Your typical, liberated-from-fiscal-responsibility/entitlement mentality cunt. When too lazy to take care of things yourself, get the government involved...
Predictable results, too.

Sen. Mitch McConnell says the GOP needs to reevaluate itself, and do a better job of explaining its core beliefs to the American people.
That would be a step in the right direction, after reacquiring some core beliefs to explain. The Republican Party lost so badly in the last election because it didn't stand for anything, beyond redistribution of wealth from the working to the munitions manufacturers, contractors and cronies, while all the time screaming about "9-11! 9-11! 9-11!" Along the way, any semblance of "conservative" was lost, as it gave the country away to the wetbacks, wiped its ass on the First and Fourth Amendments, borrowed like no tomorrow for grandpa's Viagra fix and fantasized about governing beyond the grave it was digging for itself. Administrations built on jingoism, imperialism and fascism get remembered for their notoriety, not their greatness, so McCain didn't have a chance - even before he scuttled himself with a bailout flip-flop. Betrayal doesn't sell well. Breach of trust is an expensive error. Thinking beyond election, and reestablishing a Constitutional Republic would make great goals...They worked for Ronald Reagan. Maybe the best way to get your base back would be to simply not sell them out and alienate them.
Just a thought, from one who cares to.

Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney of the Los Angeles Archdiocese claims to be "mystified and puzzled" that a federal grand jury is looking into how "The Church" is handling child molestation cases.
Perhaps the well-established pattern of "cleric-shuffling", instead of tossing the perverts out on their fruity asses, is something less than what is expected of an outfit claiming sole Divine ordination, and justice demands better! I have to ponder how many have yet to be caught in a heretical organization that denies its hierarchy natural reproductive rights, thereby generating too much interest in unnatural and abnormal behavior. Substitute clueless for "mystified and puzzled", because if you're a "Christian" religious leader who can't figure out something as simple as Exodus 20:1-3, Leviticus 18:11, Romans 1, and in fact reject most of the rest of The Word for your credit-card-rich social club's dogma, simple judicial math is going to be diffi-cult. Small wonder it's just "a form of godliness" that denies "the power thereof"...
Most fakes are.

Speaking of those who won't get thru the Pearly Gates on the "lay-away" plan, wouldn't want to miss the greatest folly to come down 2009's pike, and really needs no link, the "health care reform" law that isn't...brought to you by HITLERy-Clit via Dumb-O and signed off by California and Nevada Kakostocrats Pelosi and Reid.
Nebraska can expect a lot of immigration in the future, but don't be surprised if their senator's sweet tax-exemption deal is a play whistled dead in the final draft. Galt-in-Da-Box hates to dispute the arcane wisdumb of raising taxes in the middle of a recession, or disguising backer payoffs in the form of huge premium revenues to internationalist insurance and investment firms at the expense of the working, at Federal gunpoint no less, but "those who know what's best for us" and are inflicting all this fascism "for your own good" don't study history.
They seem to be willfully ignorant that almost every revolution in the books has been started by arrogant, selfish-interested politricksters trying to altruistically buy their way into Heaven with other people's money!

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