Thursday, January 28, 2010


As the days of The Important Sport dwindle away, Galt-in-Da-Box ponders the plays and turns attention to the Olympics, and of course, the kiddie games everybody else gets wetties over.
It was disappointing to learn that Brett Favre is no longer starting QB for the NFC in the Pro Bowl. Whoever made that call seems to just be adding insult to injury. Whatever may ill be said of Sunday evening's events, dude had an awesome season, and you'll never convince me the Vikings would have made it into the Playoffs, let alone to the Division Championship, without him, and his rocket-launcher. Minnesota is foolish if they let him get away.
And now, a few words for the fudge-packing, crap-talking, ankle-grabbing fish-hacks and talking heads that can't shut up about how evil Tiger Woods is, even though they practically gave Bill Clinton an Oscar and accolades for the same mistake: You know, when I go to a rock concert, I'm there to hear the musicians play. When I vote for a politician, I want him to do what he said he would...I could care less what they do on their own time! Tiger Woods brought people to the third most boring-to-watch sport on Earth (Following slightly behind tennis as it trails baseball) that never would have gave it a second look before. Something that's been a growing realization for me this year is, it's none of my freaking business what a thoroughbred does in his own stable (My bad, Clay Aiken and George Takei...I always knew at least ONE of you was gay, and - amazingly enough - still "don't give a fuck", if you'll pardon the pun). This fishbowl/paparazzi sub-culture corporate media bottom-feeders have excreted onto the American Scene is a train-wreck! I was much happier before the "info-tainment" pundits came along to give me too much information about people I like, and really wish there was something I could do short of dumping the one-eyed god of the living room and birdcage-liners altogether to make it disappear.
On the Olympic front in general and in skate-related sports in particular, I see a rising star:

You remember Michael Phelps? I think this guy is definitely that caliber! Apolo Ohno's gonna come back from Vancouver with enough gold around his neck to get a backache from wearing it. Go for it, man...

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I can't wait for the olympics..