Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Which, translated from the ancient Navajo, means "I found it!!!"
You see, long before the Climate Research Institute cronies overplayed their hand, Galt-in-Da-Box always knew there had to be someplace out there that brought all the facts and data on the subject together, and there it was, perched majestically like a diamond inset on Sieg's blogroll. I didn't need all the freshly-crunched numbers, spreadsheets, slideshows and other well-presented facts...You can tell a political lie by its characteristics:
1. It is always spouted by a politrickster, not a scientist, engineer, or actual expert in a field (think Y2K, the cold war and TWOT/"9-11" as examples).
2. The media and government screw-ools trumpet it as gospel without bringing any experts in the required fields out to present actual evidence, or if they do, it's some nobody/quack/crackpot in that field of research.
3. Hyperbole and hysteria outweigh facts, and every "news" special or story on the subject has the hollow ring and air of an infomercial.
4. Perhaps this should have been first: It is ALWAYS a freaking scare-tactic!
WARNING: The first link is for serious and objective thinkers only, as empty-headed-emotionalists will only get their feelings hurt and be confused by the truth.

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every time I see you comment over at tex's place I know i did the right thing by sending you there.ha