Friday, January 8, 2010

Cash, Trash & Devaluation

Never a boring topic, everyone is concerned about economy these days.
The same people that were assuring us last year about this time everything was on an endless up-scale, that housing was never going to be cheaper than it was now, &c are the same ones shouting the sky is falling, and every man for himself. Most recent hopper of the doom-and-gloom bandwagon is none other than hyper-wealthy internationalist finance Khazakh, George Soros who says now "there's no bottom". In reality, this is but a tacit admission that Keynesian economics in general, and the WB/IMF in particular, are nothing but facilitating agents in quite possibly the greatest fleecing scheme ever known to man.
What is money? Nothing more than a representative tool of value-exchange, consisting of denominated trade units. When the country started, we used everyone else's money. Slowly, the states tried and inflated out of existence their own trade unit systems, until finally the Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution that the only legal tender for trade was silver and gold. This happened, because they wanted our money to have tangible asset value, not merely intrinsic or assigned value. Today, the tools in Congress, through fornication with the banks and nearly universal deceit, have convinced U.S. a green piece of paper and a sterling silver coin are the same dollar, despite the fact the value of the former goes down as they print more, and the value of the latter only continues to rise. The fiat paper and base-metal we pass around today only has any value because we believe that it does. When people either don't have money to represent value, or the money they have is constantly being devalued by inflation, they generally substitute by trading the goods and services normally exchanged for it instead. All "hope" for "change" has evaporated as Dubya's multi-trillion-dollar borrowing to finance his "right"-wing socialism have given way to the same from DumB-O to pay for HITLERy-PelosiCare and continue the police-action"nation-building" in Afghanistan. Those burgeoning debts are gonna hafta be paid somehow...probably out of thin air by the printing press! We had better get prepared for a bartyr system (they called it black market in the old USSR) because the pseudo-Judaeo, anti-Christian non-ethicists who have spent the last 80 years devaluating the U. S. Dollar out of existence and plundering Fort Knox, all for "good" altruistic causes we never had a say as to whether we supported, are trying like hell to see to it that today's C-note is tomorrow's penny.
Unless some way can be found to permanently separate The Whore of Babylon from our government and the Synagogue of Satan from our treasury and banks, you can stick America with a fork, because she's done!


texlahoma said...

Yeah, I've seen this coming for a while. I would have bought gold but I can't afford it. I bought a few silver coins but I'm so broke it's kind of a pitiful attempt to hedge against hyper inflation.

Ted Amadeus said...

Silver is about all anyone can afford, and the price keeps trending northward along with gold.
Get a little bit here & there over time. Better yet, invest in non-perishable foods and lots of ammo & cleaning supplies, if you have a gun.
Somewhere in time, Der Holy Mother Schtaat's going to have to start paying off this massive debt and the fiat paper won't be worth half a piece of a busted fuck...We gotta survive that!