Sunday, January 17, 2010

Contemplating The End

...but I'm gonna settle for taking a break of indeterminate length, instead.
It happens now and then. Can't go back or move sideways, and up is just a fantasy. The only direction open is forward, and it's not the openness that gives Galt-in-Da-Box pause as much as the emptiness. Lord knows I've tried unsuccessfully before to quit this whole game, but you just wonder sometimes if it's even worth it. Then I recall the good friends and the great stories I read at their blogs and the writer's block passes...and the world excretes something more outrageous to comment on, and the games begin anew.
Speaking of games, these Vikings and Colts wins inch us a step closer to my Dream 'Bowl of Indy and Minnesota at "Da Big Dance"!
My whole reason for getting on FaceBook vanished this weekend, but Twitter is too cramped and I've met lots of old friends and co-workers there. Lots of times you just gotta be grateful for what you have (or had) because deep inside you know that's all there is; it was the best that could be expected (if not better) and that's as good as it gets.
There's work and real life to get on with tomorrow, and strangely I look forward to the distraction.
Thus ends my broken-down, two-bit rambling on this weekend.


texlahoma said...

We'd better blog while we can. Internet censorship is looking more and more like a real possibility.
All the Chinese that love to read my blog are now blocked from it.

Ted Amadeus said...

Oh, I'm not about to leave anytime soon.
Now that I have a way to keep the spybots under control, I'm going back to FaceBook on a regular basis come the end of the month. There was this interesting coder from IU that introduced me to the software, but that's all I can say.