Thursday, January 7, 2010

Defeating Its Own Purpose

Here's some more info from John Taylor Gatto as to why what has become the norm, and mislabeled "education" is not the answer.
It doesn't work, because it was never intended to!
It's also a clear explanation of why throwing more money at it has consistently produced worse results.


texlahoma said...

That was interesting, and they arrest people for home schooling.

John D. Rockefeller, the duke of oil.

Duke, duke, duke... duke of oil, oil, oil. (Sorry, it reminded me of some movie where a girl is singing that.)

Ha, my word verification is bling.

Ted Amadeus said...

They'll try to make it illegal nationwide before much longer, because proles can't be allowed any kind of REAL education where they would become self-aware and self-actualizing.
This is also a key reason why so many college graduates are working at McDonald's or something, instead of pursuing their career.

That piece you did on the national debt was excellent.