Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Fatal Error

Some swear it's already been made, others that it is right around the corner.
Millions have armed and trained themselves against its - so they say - inevitable occurrence while a number smaller than most the nation's small towns debate the best way to commit it, so they and their backers will profit from same. There is wild speculation as to just what it is, in fact. Socialism and more of the same, revolution, a devastating terrorist attack that could have been prevented, global warming, Y2K have all been offered as possible candidates for nomination. I believe the only true, devastating and permanently fatal error we can commit is to continue to listen to the doomsayers who insist, in whatever form they fashion their argument, that individual liberty will not work. Our civilization was founded upon the principle that, in order to manifest his or her own destiny, a human being must be free. Free to benefit from their own choices, and to suffer the consequences of same, also. More and more, gradually, this idea is being destroyed. I say we have the destruction of our souls more to be feared than the destruction of our cities, nation or economy: I believe that when large groups of people turn away from their God and themselves to solve problems and start relying on charlatan "experts" to run their lives for them, the enemy is no longer at the gates, but burning down the city from within. I submit to you this morning that the only thing we really need to make ourselves, our communities and our country great, strong and free once more is to return to independence and shun collectivism, no matter how cleverly disguised, like the plague it is.
Confucious said "If everyone will sweep his own doorstep, the world will be a cleaner place"...Amen to that!



face it............we're fucked

Master Doh-San said...

Actually, if memory serves, it was Goethe who said that, not Confucius. Very valid point, nonetheless.

Ted Amadeus said...

We need some way out of this mess we've gotten into: Between the rock of "educated, enLIEtened" ignorance and the hard place of Funny-mental-ist fairy tales. And the geniuses in charge who feeeeeel we can borrow our way out of debt!

texlahoma said...

Right on my brother.
Individual liberty is the framework that all government should be built around. There shouldn't even be victimless crimes to start with.
That would free about 80%(?) of people in prison. We'd need less cops, less prison guards. We're saving on taxes already and I haven't even gotten to legalizing and taxing drugs for adults. What a concept, a FREE country.