Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Economic Dark Age?

Galt-In-Da-Box herein condenses most of the political emails received from drive-by readers to one:
"Why do you bash government/hate on those wonderful politricksters so?" Hmmm...That's a tuffy...among the leading reasons would be justifying their existence seems to command the lion's share of it, they are a hell of a lot more expensive and less efficient than they need to be, and I'm one of about ten people in the land that hasn't been promised something on the backs of the taxpayers if I'll shut up &/ stump for them. In case nobody has crunched the numbers or balanced the federal checkbook lately, the stock of carrots to dangle before everyone is running dangerously low: We've been borrowing from everyone else for the bribes being handed/bailed out now! What usually happens when the markers get called in is one of two things - in the worst-case scenario (the Wiemar Republic), both!
1.Massive amounts of worthless fiat paper get printed up to pay off the creditors. This causes all the money currently in circulation to be worth a fraction of it's prior value, including savings accounts, insurance premiums, &c. It works very well for paying off the debt, but poorly for anything else beyond totally destroying the national economy: There are no more "carrots" to give away or sell to anyone!
2.Once "the carrot" (bribe) is gone, government has nothing to work with but "the stick" , or more accurately the bludgeon! Gangs of thugs are uniformed and deputized to pillage the people and coerce them back to work for nothing or a subsistence, under conditions where no one has any individual liberty...The Constitution becomes rationalized away under the political expedience of a national "crisis" or "emergency", and the rule of law is reduced to "Shaat ze fack aap und do das vill auf Der Schtaat!!!"
In America, there are a sizable number of additional factors that could worsen the situation: Real wealth is leaving the country, ignorant citizens and altruistic plans to import huge numbers of non-assimilating foreigners and enemies created by our Mid-East cannon-fodders, groups among the population that have seen this moment of weakness coming and want to exploit it for their own political installation, and a general dissolution of any moral, ethical and reasonable common sense.
Call it national socialism, communism or fascism, this is governance laid bare, the naked truth about what masquerades behind the cheap - and in our case - rapidly-deteriorating facade known as civilization. Much indicates some form or version of it is on the horizon, and though it may not be the "hope" or "change" anyone voted for, it could well be what we get. It's not a "democratic" or "republican" thing, it's a system-versus-you one, and though the propagandist will pin it on Obama should it happen, the truth is the establishment has been working on it since 1929 - which was another government-induced economic disaster.
The thing the political class (PC, for short) slavers never realize, is that slavery is just as much a burden to the master as it is to the slave.



we are (and I can't stress this enough) fucked.

texlahoma said...

It's REALLY a burden to the master when the slaves are awake and armed.