Monday, January 11, 2010

Of Oaths And Other Things We Keep

This is to address the assertions of those who have or might see fit to accuse Galt-in-Da-Box of hating the President because of race, not supporting his Administration and so forth.
I'd like to assure Mr. Obama, as well as his swooning, fawning entourage I am behind them 100%, until...
...the first American is censored by you for "politically incorrect/hate" speech.
...the first law-abiding citizen is disarmed by force of the Feds.
...the first unauthorized and unwarranted search and seizure you order. start taking away the property of citizens without due process.
...people start "disappearing" in the middle of the night.
...the people are denied the right to assemble peaceably.
...your "civilian army" becomes a goon squad for the incarceration of citizens and the "redistribution" of everything they have to others.
...the people are denied their right to a redress of grievances. invite in and quarter the military of other nations on American soil, or use them to inflict your will on the American people. continue the all-too-well-established pattern of your predecessors of denying "equal justice under law" by showing favoritism to this "gimmee!"-group or that "rights"-cause.
...You arrest one American citizen for not paying extortion/protection money"buying health insurance". in any other way "suspend" the Constitution and set yourself up instead thereof.

At that point, you have grave cause for alarm, for you have made me your sworn enemy!
Therefore, look well to thy going and God bless you Sir!

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