Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Port Side...

...of the stupidest presumption ever proffered by an American political animal.
Just on the off-chance you've been living under a rock for the last decade and therefore missed former President Johnny-Reb's dumb-assertion that there are "jobs Americans won't do" and we therefore need to erase the southern border to let as many wetbacks in as possible to do them, "selected, not elected 2.0" is propounding its own version of the same lie. With the help of author Barbara Ehrenreich, the contention of the vanishing middle class is revamped, with the familiar, predictable slant that you just can't make it in America anymore without government handouts, intervention and micromanagement of your life. Unfortunately for Dubya and Khazareich - who apparently haven't clued into the difference between the real world and partisan jingoism - the middle class keeps right on trucking. Much like the slaves/plebes/proles in the old Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, we really don't have much choice!
I spent the majority of last summer in company of a new co-worker who is lucky to sleep 24 hours a week, between work, sidejobs and the obligations and responsibilities related to a wife and kids. In our tax-mad, fiat-paper economy, the single individual will never do much more than just get by on the 40-hour work-week! If you have a family, it requires running at well-above red-line, especially with all the hidden and overt taxes assessed to feed the whims and wastes of Der Holy Mother Schtaat. That is the "dirty little secret", the reality of John Stossel's assertion, the one you won't read about in his column. If you are single and have a full-time job, you can get by, but you'll have little to do much more than that without sacrifices, and especially so without abundant sharing, living within your means and working smarter instead of harder. There are lots of people who teach this stuff better than I ever could, in case you're looking for a way off the perpetual treadmill of fucking debt-slavery the Vatican, BanKhazar/KikeBancUSA and so many other Old-Money Filthy-Rich tentacles of the devil-spirit realm want you to stay on forever. It's mostly common sense, and 98% brain-surgery-free.
To what little truth there is to dear Babs' tale of woe, there's not going to be an arts and croissant allocation in the budget, let alone motel rental, $40/pair slacks &c. If you're also stupid enough to buy the romantic bullshit some street-loser is pedaling to get under your skirt and pop out a kid or two, forget it for about 20-30 years - especially BFIW bitches too good to get an abortion. In that sad, totally-avoidable shape, you are looking at public assistance for said duration! Then comes the utterly predictable "It's not faaaaaair!!!" reply. Ever heard of Goodwill? Salvation Army? Does Aldi ring any bells, sis? Oh, but one can't honestly expect one of "God's chosen people" would stoop to shop such places with the great unwashed, so without whipping out the magic plastic, there's nothing left for a girl to do but declare America in general and capitalism in particular a failure.
Or is there?
I beg to differ with all these positions, since they are mostly based on generalization, rationalization, cop-outs and a few distorted, doctored facts thrown in to make partisan jingoism sound substantive. I know people who are "the other kind of rich". They have families, nice homes and cars, and some substance, but they have all that because they know how to control their lusts, and therefore, their expenses. To be sure, none of them are dining nightly at Hartley's or Eddy Merlot's, tooling around in Benzes or modeling the rags of JewYork/helL-A fashion fascists, but they're blissfully free of the drug addictions and divorce-marriage-screw-around rehab death-style that surrounds same like a dark fog. This requires living on a needs-basis instead of a greed basis. When you awake to the reality you really need little more than a decent place to live, nutritious food to eat in moderation, a means of transport from one place to the other and presentable clothing, life takes on a different perspective. Those credit cards start getting paid off and you're in the black before you know it, because you're simply using what you make to meet needs instead of gratifying lusts.
Just a small example: I recently received the weekly sales-mail pitches; a load of "money saving coupons" to induce me to buy overpriced food at certain restaurants, frilly home shit at an exorbitant chain store (no, they don't sell chains, they sell exorbitant frilly home shit), and lots of other wares. To be fair, some of these are actually helpful in shopping for groceries, better insurance/savings accounts &c, but most of it is pure crap. The garbage man probably hates me, since I round-file most of it. One promised I could save huge bank on a brand-new POS Dodge (made of plastic and Chinese parts, designed to break down a dozen times in expensive ways before you get it paid for); called itself the "smart plan". How about I don't waste money on what I don't need, keep it in the bank earning interest in case I actually do need something, then when my own vehicle breaks down, I can repair it or have it fixed?
That's called the smartest plan!


texlahoma said...

You're right, you really don't need that much stuff. People just get use to the TV telling them that they need a bunch of crap. Or that the crap they've got isn't good enough for people that aren't losers. I use to be under that spell, but now I have a hard time thinking of anything I want for my birthday or Christmas..."Maybe some jeans?"

Ted Amadeus said...

I feel sorry for the kids coming up, that have been sold this lot of bilge about how glittery clutter is the best life; he who dies with the most toys wins...I been tossing around the idea of having a "dollar sale" this spring to get rid of all the crap I got I don't need.

Can't thank Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens enough for getting rid of the Patriots & their ass whupped 20-3 by the Indianapolis Colts tonight - GO HORSE!!!