Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Wide World Of NFL - The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.
It'll be Colts and Saints @ "Da Big Dance" and my NFC team gets to sit this one out again. Toward the end of regulation, Galt-In-Da-Box got the impression Favre must have toked a bong hit or two to ease the pain of all that slamming: I haven't seen that much turf-grille interface since the last year Harbaugh QBed my "Ponies"! Saints overtime strategy evolved from trying to bore Minnesota into submission with booth reviews to wearing down their defense. The Saints-Vikings match-up was without question the better of the two, even though the end bore resemblance to Minnesota's road game in Chicago during the regular season...
Oh well, as I used to say when rooting for Dallas, and had plenty of opportunity with the Colts, "there's always next year".

P.S: The Brett Favre Retirement Watch starts NOW!



it was a hell of a game, ...hated to see a loser..minnesota played so hard..and felt so bad for fucking he retires..

Ted Amadeus said...

I haven't seen a quarterback take that kind of an ass-whuppin' since Troy Aikman in his final days. I kept watching and hoping for something good to come out of it toward the end, to no avail.
Sad, very sad.