Monday, January 4, 2010

School Of NON-Thought

Hat-tip to Aardvark for bringing this to our attention:

Anyone out there remember John Taylor Gatto?
If you do not recall the 1991 New York State Teacher of the year, perhaps his insights into the design and workings of the government indoctrination system should jog your memory. It's kind of ironic how every tyrant from a tin-horn dictator to an abusive "head of household" ultimately resorts to a similar authoritarian "structure", usually employing that very word. As genuine education fuels and open the mind, prison life"public education" closes, narrows and dulls it, especially in our day of controlling children and youths with drugs. Add to this abomination the detestable way they rationalize the "socialization" necessity: This ammounts to throwing brilliant minds in with thugs and neanderthals (the "general population", if you will) to assure the old-money, filthy-rich government masters and those who feed them the most, will not be threatened by competition.
The State makes a bad parent and an even worse teacher because coercion is antagonistic to learning and the more subtle the forms, the greater the damage!

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