Thursday, January 14, 2010

Serious Relationship

Galt-in-Da-Box must break it to the average member of the general American white male population...Even if you're not wealthy you are considered a meal ticket, and quite often nothing more - dreck and appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.
This rule does not magically disappear when it comes to inter-gender relations. You are out to get laid. A "serious relationship" is one where you're getting laid on a consistent basis, in whatever manner you wish. Sometime between 17 when you're out to get more ass than a toilet seat, and 27 when you start thinking that bullshit you've been spoon-fed from knee-high about the "love of a lifetime", the chief weakness women play on, take advantage of, and eventually end up controlling us by comes to the fore; that we enjoy sex much more than they do...Meantime, she's out to get paid...preferably through marriage and divorce. If she's an "educated" gal with a degree in "Womyns' Studies", you can bet such is planned, well in advance!
There are facts you need to face. Among the more pertinent are, one out of two marriages end in divorce. Seventy-five percent of those proceedings are initiated by the woman. The vast majority of the excuses she'll give in filing for divorce are emotional, but the bottom line is always money. With very few exceptions, if you get married and it doesn't work out YOU are going to pay...Your lawyer, her lawyer, the courts, child support, and - if you're really unlucky - alimony (or, as Proffesor Leykis calls it, "vaginamoney"). Disturbing research emerging from the University of Oklahoma and surveys conducted by the New York Times indicated anywhere from 4-30% of married men were raising children they thought were their own, but paternity tests revealed were not! Gentlemen, before you get married, you are still somewhat free. After you get married, you are a slave, what the government doesn't own of you, she does and everything you have and worked hard for is an expendable asset.
Let's cut through all the empty-headed-emotionalism and heavy-handed religious double-talk, and see what the majority of men report about "wedded bliss" - It translates into endless obligation: Everything you used to do and say when you were going steady that was "cute", suddenly becomes "I never really liked that" and what YOU need to "grow out of, now that we're married". Now that you are her property and no longer a person, she feels comfortable with bitching about your entire life...Feminists will begin this early on: Something that started for me before we even talked about getting married was "Why don't you do *this* for me/Why don't you do *that* for me?" Then there's the perpetual "If you really love me, you'll _____!" If you're fortunate to reach this stage prenup, it's a GIANT red flag. Other things ex-hubbies agree about: Her sense of "liberated" entitlement kicks in...She quits her job, puts on 20-50 pounds and spends most her time spending you into oblivious debt online, at the mall or vegging in front of the HELL-a-vision watching Orca Winfrey and Ellez Degenerate, making out a new list of demands and complaints to shrike at you when you get home. Along the line, all sex stops within 6 months to a year, it becomes a carrot-on-a-string for compliance. One rarely paid. While the nooky goes down, the inane babbling comes up!
Dudes, if I had a 50-50 chance of getting killed if I went outside, I would never leave the house, and I don't care how sunny a summer day it is! There's fantasy, and there's reality. Quite often, they don't match up. Most men play this lottery completely oblivious to how monstrously the odds are stacked against them. Religion and culture contribute to the romantic fairy-tale, and pussify men down to the willing slave mindset. Just how the American man is reduced to believing his life is crap without the false/empty promise of the same warm, wet place to stick it if he jumps through a hundred hoops a day is a brain-filthying process the particular details of which I am not familiar, nor care to be. Whenever someone other than God and you are running your life, you're heading for major disappointment; a collision course with heartbreak. If you're a younger-than-30 guy chomping at the bit to hitch, take a short-cut: Just hire a surgeon, go to the hospital and have your spine, guts and balls removed! It'll be less expensive and a hell of a lot less painful in the long run.
I hate to break it to you religious dudes but Leave It To Beaver was a square-ass TV show that was canceled because it was too unrealistic for the 1950s. These are the details Vaticanism and its allegedly-"Protestant" harlot daughters never, NEVER tell you about when pushing all that "sacrament"/responsibility-before-God/"if you don't you're a-goin' ta Hell!!!" bullshit. Religion does not guarantee anything about the quality of an individual's personal life, and often people merely adhere to what they think is culturally popular for social reasons. I'll take the dirty stares of the cotton-mouthed Funny-mental-ists gladly as a +40 unmarried white man, because I'd rather take a diesel fuel shower and set myself on fire than vow-couple myself to the modern American NOW-nag!
If you decide to get married, for the love of Christ have a prenuptial agreement ready. If she really loves you, and isn't just looking for a brass ring she won't have any objections to signing it, and if she's richer than you are, bank on being asked to sign one biased in her favor - as if the "family" courts weren't bad enough. Now that they are contemplating expanding this form of indentured servitude to homosexuals, and gay marriage is legal in some states, it is even more a necessity because the effeminate-voiced "he"-bitches pushing that line of crap in search of sinecure, are no exception: The entitlement mentality - the "new, improved" slavery for our times - makes it a legal necessity. Since 1964, there has been an intentional inversion of the natural order of things, thanks to which instead of being the head of household, men have become the tail!
There are exceptions and ways around this perversion: I have seen plenty of working and workable marriages but precious few, genuinely happy ones. The majority settle for the first, which is little more than a business relationship where both work. A few more are helmed by men skillful enough in child psychologyempty-headed-emotionalism management to mold a decent, sustainable friendship or keep the one they had prior to marriage going into workable nuptials. The most beautiful and rare - of which in nearly half a century, I've only witnessed three - genuinely love each-other. Contrary to popular sentiment, I think what makes the difference is both parties knowing what they want and expect of one another going in, and an unreserved commitment to exceeding them for the other. Like other great ideals, it gets a lot of lip-service but is rarely practiced, and the heart and soul of the romance that is just a pipe dream for the majority.
Notwithstanding, almost everything marriage has to offer can be just as easily had without it. A ring and a piece of paper do not a family make. I know a couple who, to use their own terminology, "went MAD" (Mutually Agreed Divorce). They married, had a kid, started to deal with all the personal, legal and financial consequences of same and agreed together to reverse course. They live separately now, but share the higher finances, go on vacations together, share custody and are much happier without that "third partner of marriage", government, sticking its nose into their lives - and hands in their pockets - all the time. Perfect, no. Fairy-tale romance? Hardly! Everyone keeps their sanity, their self-respect and solvency; most importantly, with a minimum of compromise. Now to close, a salient point based on something mentioned at the outset:
Women resent the fact men enjoy sex more than they do, and that is the hidden issue in almost every divorce or break-up!


texlahoma said...

I was lucky, married my high school sweetheart. We both had absolutely nothing when we were married. If I were single now it would be a whole new ballgame. I would never get married again, I mean this one worked out but I realize we beat the odds big time.
"Women resent the fact men enjoy sex more than they do." That maybe true in general but as I get older, it's easier to see where Al Bundy on Married with Children was coming from.

Master Doh-San said...

"Men have obligations; women have options."

That pretty much sums up the mindset.

Ted Amadeus said...

Thank you, gentlemen.
*lets out long, loud sigh of relief*
When I saw two comments, I opened it fully expecting a couple FeminStaazi broad-sides...Being wrong can be a great thing!
You just finished reading the abridged version of something I'd been trying to figure out for over a quarter-century, but gelled just recently.
That last line is the heart and soul of their "emotional" issues!
Tex *snickers* Funny you should mention Al Bundy. I've discovered the best way to stop a femiNazi girlfriend in mid-shrike is to point to your right palm and say "you CAN be replaced, you know this!"

texlahoma said...

LMFAO! Good ol' Al.