Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take My Breath Away

Saw nothing like her in over a quarter century, til THIS baby:

Would be just the thing for zipping up and down Lake of the Woods today or a few spins about Mackinac Island, prohibitions notwithstanding (Why do you think she's matte-black!? Night ops, that's why). If you can imagine a ship like her, a good deal longer & taller, all platinum with blue trim and less the foils/wings in the back (they actually protruded either side of the stern just behind those pontoon wings) with the windscreen at the bow and all open at the top for lots of seating, you have a fairly decent mind-picture of what the 'Falcon looked like. This is clearly a vessel - MUCH like its predecessor - made with only one purpose...Hauling ass!
Sadly however, this one was bought and wrecked by a bunch of damn crunchies in a SAF "save the whales" campaign!



soon to be in the news when the new owners are using it to transport drugs.

Ted Amadeus said...

What, did Sea Shepherd sell the fucker after they wrecked it?

texlahoma said...

Too bad they wrecked it, whatever it was used for, it was a beauty.