Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too Much Information

Just another glaring example of why God and His Word aren't taken seriously anymore - i.e: RELIGION!
Funny-mental-ist televangelist and tax-exempt money-grabber Pat Robertson took time from his busy schedule of keeping the lazy-minded ignorant and brain-dead Wednesday to comment on the Haiti earthquake disaster, in a manner most unbefitting the moment.
Suppose you knew something bad about a neighbor. Picking the day she had a heart attack and her house caught fire to blather it to the neighborhood, the paramedics, firemen, police and anyone else within earshot would probably not be a good time. In fact, most believers would agree that keeping a lid on it altogether or just forgetting it might be in order. Unfortunately, "ped-piehole Pat" has been living in Johnny-Reb country so long the Jerry Springer mentality's set in.
Back when Ben Kinchlow and Danuta Soderman were on board to mellow and add substance to Pat's diatribes, 700 Club was a fine program - when you could actually get something that lined up with the Word here and there between the send-me-yo-money bits. Now it's just another religious club to beat people over the head with the worn-out "IF Y'ALL DUZZN'T Y'ALLZ A'GOIN' TA HEYELL!!!" intimidation bludgeon, and it seems as years pass, the more out to lunch and off the Word Robertson's rants become. In light of 3 John 2, Matthew 21:22, Ephesians 3:20, Romans 8:28-32, 2 Corinthians 3:5,6 and in fact, most of the rest of the New Testament outside the Book of Revelation - that Canuck Bubba doesn't read - the whimsical three-devil-spirit "god" of the Vatican that's your friend one minute and your enemy the next because you picked your nose, doesn't exist. That won't stop ped-piehole Pat from propounding such prattle though, because there's money in intimidation and coercion, and selling the Biblically illiterate the "buy your way into heaven through my pockets" WASPel.
For those weary followers of this wanderer in the man-made desert of religion, and anyone else looking for motivational assistance, some truth might be refreshing and helpful. In all cases Galt-in-Da-Box implores steering clear of TV preachers and all other manner of swindlers that prey on the desperation of the gullible:
If the Bible isn't good enough - if I can't learn how God wants me to believe and live from that - He sure wasted a lot of time moving believing men to write, preserve, and publish it for my edification. Regarding religionists, if I'm too lazy and stupid to pick it up and read it, I'm never going to know truth from error on its subject matter, and will always be fair game for hucksters living in mansions, driving Caddies, wearing Rolexes and telling me how much they need my money or "God" all three of Him "will call them home". Hey Pat, I been looking over Paul's epistles since your latest diatribe; are you sure we're talkin' about the same God here, because yours seems like kind of a prick...
Or maybe it's just you (Gee, is that possible?)!

BTW: If you REALLY want to help the Haitians, go HERE, rather than "just seyendin' y'all CASH" to Bubba, Dubya & DumB-O.


Bunny said...

I had thought maybe you would be a good read--but then, you know, I'm from Johnny Reb country, so you're far too erudite for me to understand. Love the hateful prejudice. Well, I've got enough time-wasting blogs to read, some of which are even entertaining or enlightening.

Ta Ta Oh, Holier and Grander than anyone.

Ted Amadeus said...

Look on the bright side, darling:
At least I've got the guts to put my info and blog online...Care to match that, instead of spewing ad hominems from behind a cloak of anonymity?
I'm betting not.

Bunny said...

If my comment had been anonymous, Einstein, you wouldn't have had my email address and name with which to reply. Nice try, bigot.

Ted Amadeus said...

BI-POLAR Bunny, you are really bending the comment rule against sucking at this point!
I clicked on your link to find no profile or blog, let alone an email address. I realize it's very hard for the average modern American female to think instead of feeeeeel, but thought is the coin of the realm here: Come back when you have an original one to spend, and can communicate it free of your glaring, obvious personal issues.

I've read the Constitution, dear: There's no such thing as "the right to never be offended"...Deal, already.

texlahoma said...

Sorry Bunny, no email, no name. I have to call BULLSHIT on you. At least have a blog that people can comment on, don't be so gutless.