Monday, June 28, 2010

American Scene magazine, Vol 1, Issue 1:

The Great One used to speak of this - as far as I can tell non-extant - periodical often, and after numerous searches for same revealed nothing, CFN gives substance to one of Galt-in-Da-Box's icons' favorite news sources:

Goodnight lack-of-Gracie.
Noted/notorious Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd assumed room temperature over the weekend, and I'd like to say how heartbroken I am that another lifetime pull-peddling leechcareer politician has cashed in his chips, but my lying circuits are down.
There's something wrong with an allegedly-"free" electoral process where the game can be rigged so well that the same people can lock everyone else out over and over again. The founding Fathers wanted citizen legislators, not lifelong influence-salesmen.
Give this fellow a Google/Bing search and you'll fast discover that Living Off Others Thoughtlessly is not a profession exclusive to those below the "poverty line".

And Yet MORE Cover-Ups & Obfuscation:
No, not the Obama Administration or Congress - they both take a back seat to the most corrupt political regime on Earth!
Read it and weep.

What A Concept!
You mean I really do have a right to protect myself from the illegals invading the country and the murderers, robbers and rapists the non-justice system regularly turns loose? Thank you for doing your job SCOTUS, and sticking up for the Bill of Rights...
Now, about Pelosi's DEATHcare boondoggle?

Ban Wahhabi, Not Burqas!
In a society that was actually free, not run by "en-LIE-tened" Papist corruptocrats, this would be common sense, but as Will Rogers used to say "Common sense is not an issue in politics...That would be a miracle!" As a Libertarian, I'm pro-choice on everything, as long as there's no government "Mulligan" system in place to keep people from the consequences of their stupid choices at taxpayers' expense! This should also be the governmental view of any nation claiming to be "free", but usually isn't. If a woman chooses to wear whatever she wants - or my personal preference, nothing at all - that should be her option. The linguine-spined leaders of the Old World would do better to worry about murdering Islamic fanatics than ladies' fashion statements, cultural morays or religious customs. Liberty - the real thing, not cheap facades of it perpetuated by kakostocrats as they fellate the OMFR - means freedom for everybody, not just pagan bead-fingering idol-worshipers who self-gloss "Christian".
Freedom of religion means ANY religion, or none at all if that's your preference!


Anonymous said...

I must say, I was stunned to see the Supreme Court actually support the right to bear arms. Really stunned.

They need to also enforce the rest of the Bill of Rights, protecting things such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, protection from unreasonable search and/or seizure, indentured servitude, etc. but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation of such a thing.

Ted Amadeus said...

It was a pleasant and thoroughly unexpected surprise, especially with a leftist like Kagan on board - if that is allowed to happen, you'll start hearing the same tired old cliches about "emergency powers", "all rights have limits", "hate speech" and the myriad other cop-outs authoritarians always use to restrict individual liberty.
Never forget that, when it comes to extremism, the radical left is just as dangerous as the fundamentalist right.