Thursday, June 24, 2010

If God Was A Woman

THIS is what she'd look like.
Don't hate her because she's beautiful is a consensus with which Galt-in-Da-Box is completely on board. While there are few and far between cases of "All this and brains, too" we amuse ourselves in hoping this is one.
The alternatives are everywhere in discouraging piles...I mean numbers
Exhibit A of the droalery whereof I speak is an email to a Canadian "Dear Abby"-type columnist:
"I am an enthusiastic fan of the Twilight Saga and have recently purchased an Edward Cullen pillowcase and blanket. Here is the problem – I am married and my husband has taken great offense to having these items on our “marital bed”! I have argued that he is a fictional character and that these are just objects…and if he wanted to put Pam Anderson on a pillowcase he could gladly do so. He thinks I am not in touch with reality (which I find offensive) and am not being a considerate wife. I want to make my husband happy but does that mean that I have to compromise my happiness in order to achieve this? – TWI-(NOT TOO MUCH OR YOU MIGHT IRRITATE YOUR HUSBAND) HARD

I hope Her Majesty is a rare-gold Ayn Rand type, undaunted by the insanity of her surroundings and reaching forward for the next enlightening experience.



IF God was a woman? sorry to break the news to you...but she is a she and she looks more like a woman that has given birth to the world..not like one that wants to fuck you out of it.

texlahoma said...

Looks pretty good to me Ted.

If I were that guy I'd buy a pillow case with Pamela Anderson on it, and a set of sheets and a blow up Pamela Anderson doll and...

Ted Amadeus said...

YdG, this is the closest we've come to reconciliation on this issue in our existences, and...WTF!? *laughs, winks*

tex, I'm agreeing with your first point, and not touching that second one with a 20 foot pole!

Bob said...

"IF God was a woman? sorry to break the news to you...but she is..."


Anybody claiming God is a woman is most likely an athiest feminist gleefully stirring the pot.

Dropping the other shoe, anybody claiming God is a man hasn't thought things out very well either.

I seriously doubt there is any sort of sexual - or human - identity attached to the entity so many refer to as "God".

It's just a convenience to put the label of "Human", male or female, in the most powerful creation force suspected to exist in the entire universe.