Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Green Lies

Ones we still believe, tell others and hold dear as WASPel.
A week ago last Thursday I went out to dinner after Fellowship. Hadn't done it for a while, especially with "the flying club" and the reception there was somewhat less than warm. This may have had to do with my workaday attire among upper-crust folk more accustomed to suits. Maybe it was the views and opines expressed here. I strongly suspect it had predominately to do with the fact that, with Galt-in-Da-Box, what you see is what you get: I put on airs for no one. It was a proof verification that my initial decision to withhold attendance was a wise one. Save for the realistic and upbeat couple that were my hosts, honesty and candor are generally unappreciated by Papist-Khazakh Cabal"Judaeo-Christian Ethic" fanati-crites - claims to the contrary notwithstanding - and such were well represented there: If you like looking at nose hair, it was a grand occasion!
The myth persists in America that, if you have more little green lies in the bank than your neighbor, you're better than they are. This near-religious belief is based on the false assumption the little green lies are true; something other than what they obviously are - an un-Constitutional and worthless fraud! The fact is, unless anyone at the table that night could comfortably part with or had in store $250 grand for themselves and every member of their family, they are debt-slaves just like anyone else, and that figure will rise continually the more the Washington kakostocracy indebts U.S. to foreigners through the Synagogue of Satan. Cash may still be king today, but it's as sure to be dethroned as the Zimbabwe Dollar and the Weimar Deutschmark. It's time for the "good", lily-white, religious-whorehouse-going, paper money wealthy to wake up and smell the growing reality repeated continually by history that their Empire of Debt will not stand!
I don't see much of a future for the Freshmen Members of the Lucky Sperm Club once money has been devalued out of existence, the Senior Members - all of whose assets are backed in gold - abandon the country or throw them under the legal bus, and the only negotiable instrument is the loaded automatic weapons our Chinese-owned government goons are pointing at everyone to enforce their edicts. You see, a big issue with being one of the "top 5%" is it's a longer distance drop to the bottom of the pyramid when the earthquakes hit. Because the road down is more well-traveled than the Horatio Alger/rags-to-riches road up and since every fiat currency unit in your pocket is already owed to someone else, a rude awakening looms behind that massive tsunami of red ink your "men in Washington" have spent 150 years generating. Contrary to popular sales-pitches, the people able to get along on a shoestring will make it through the long night to come...The pampered and spoiled "fortunate sons"ofbitches, not so much...
Having a lot of something that has no value or that government is determined to relieve you of, will become a burden in the New Dark Age.


Anonymous said...

The USA is a very very materialistic culture compared to every other country I've traveled to. Too often, people are judged by what kind of car they have, how many college degrees they have, how fancy their cell phones are, etc. Most of these expensive items people buy are bought with borrowed money. Debt Debt Debt!! This fake economy is a house of cards that is beginning to collapse. The day I finally leave this place will be a very happy one.

I'm thought of as a very peculiar being, since I choose not to own a car. I can spend my money on more worthwhile things, or save money, since I don't have to pay for mandatory car insurance, car repairs, license plates, car payments, etc.

Ted Amadeus said...

Don't blame you on not owning a car...I like trucks myself - not the shiny, fancy, overpriced debt-wagons you have to take to the dealer if anything goes wrong, either.
A friend bought a shiny new $300 GPS for a road trip across country which promptly gave out on him 40 miles from his destination, recently. Electronic play-pretties are not the low-cost, built-to-last-forever things they were in the 80s, but everybody's gotta have a new Ivain, and right now!
The majority of the folks I dined with can't fathom the kind of world that's coming, and I seriously doubt they are prepared for it in any way.

texlahoma said...

I really like the "little green lies"
concept. I have to admit, some of the car adds get me for a second, then I tell myself
"Don't be stupid, your old car is just fine, and no payments!"

Ted Amadeus said...

I'm not saying by any of this that my dining companions were intentionally evil, they just never bother to think outside the box, and therefore are like blades of grass growing up in the sunshine with a big lawnmower headed their way.
If there's nothing wrong with your vehicle, there's no need to repair or replace it...Good thinking, there!