Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Evening Re-post

Tossed the idea around quite some time ago, but with the Progs That Be filling their britches with Hersh** bricks over TEAbaggers, the topic becoming a concern to military veterans and the general disposition of current events overall, I thought perhaps a redux was in order.
Galt-in-Da-Box has to come down on the side of the naysayers here. Johnny-Reb is good at hollerin', but when it comes to throwin' down, has consistently proven - individually and collectively - he "ain't got shit". First, he's too pacified: If Johnny & Melba got all 700lbs of their welfare/government cheese-fed backsides up off the couch, put out their smokes, and got all locked and loaded over an issue, it would probably be American Karaoke being pre-empted by an Obam-address, not finance or health care reform. Halfway out the trailer to the rusty, wrecked/all-beat-to-hell Dodge pick-em-up, they would remember who is paying their rent, groceries, health care, socialistic insecurity and food stamps, and go back inside: The risk of the gravy-train possibly coming to a stop due to a coup d'etat would be too great to bare. Second, let's assume the Whore of Babylon managed to scrape together a Jeff Davis clone from the ranks of its Jesuit pederasts/Opus Dei choirboys, distribute enough invective Viagra and Cialis for the South to actually rise again, and Bubba Regiment was on the move toward Washington; a vast steaming pilestream of RAM ##-hundreds bristling with paramilitary-garbed, heavily-armed hayseeds that "'jus twarnt gunna takit no more!" moving at dawn toward the Beltway. While that might be the reaction to neo-conartists selling out the TEA Party faithful again, not much of a match for anti-personnel smart-bombs dropped from stealth fighter-bombers or Predator drones, followed quickly by an overdose of Cobra & Humvee-mounted .50 automatics. A much more likely scenario is a jilted, isolated Bubba taking his revenge on anyone he sees with an autorifle or shotgun, as has been the familiar Alabama scene. While I'm not a big fan of handgun bans, gun control in general or two-week waiting periods, an IQ test for firearm ownership is overdue, with so many Clem Kadidlehopper knuckle-draggers roaming wild and free.
Some other blogs ago, about the time of the last election I wrote a "talk 'em down from the ledge" post about insurrection that did not make the final cut for this one, because it became obvious such was unnecessary: Frederick Douglass - the first Libertarian, to my mind - wrote that "the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress" and Americans are apparently willing to endure much oppression, if the tyrants dangle a sufficiently glittering carrot before their bribe-seeking gaze! We have much more to fear from the "entitlement" psychosis than revolution. The vilest critique one could level at Barack Obama or Congress is faint praise next to the rebuke merited by their enablers, who continue to lust after something for nothing. At some point however, there's going to arise a generation that sees through the fog of government school indoctrination, media lies and the cheap veneer of "civilized" respectability papered over all its bribery and robbery. What's going to happen when that generation doesn't want to carry the deadweight of freeloader debt foisted upon it by the ones before?
The answer isn't clear just yet, but you can be damned certain it won't be pretty!



i'd love to kick their asses again..

Ted Amadeus said...

Like I said, the chances of an open revolt are slim-none: The prison is much too comfortable as of yet.
Realistically, we don't need a revolution: We need Americans that see the "entitlement" lie/bribe for what it is and who start relying on themselves again, instead of the corruptocrats.

texlahoma said...

I hope nothing happens between now and November to stop the election. I think the slaughter of incumbents might start the ball a rolling in the right direction.